Why Premier?

Why Choose Premier Price Per Head Sportsbook?

When a price per head service takes the sports betting customer into the 21st Century, your business has just risen to the next level. At Premier, we’re staffed by people who are among the most experienced and imaginative in the industry, so that our PPH software delivers meaningful results and a better sportsbook than all other bookie websites.

Best “Pay Per Head” Sportsbook Management Solution

Our experienced people know how to offer a Pay Per Head service that is a cut above the rest. When you become an “agent” through Premier Per Head you will have access to your very own personal account manager guiding you through every step. This includes the setup, orientation, and account assistance as you proceed on the road towards making your business more efficient, and of course, more prosperous in the long run.

Top PPH Services For Bookmaking Agents

Please understand our pledge that we will do anything we possibly can to make your PPH business successful. We don’t subscribe to the “churn and burn” philosophy like other bookie software; we put client relationships on the forefront. You’ll find that we will treat your business like it’s our own simply because that’s how good business should be. Our TOP priority is doing whatever is necessary to keep you on board for the long-term. Indeed, our retention rate for agents is widely recognized as the highest in the Sportsbook software industry, and we get raves over our customer service department. Agents feel very much at home because we pay attention to every detail, and we have found that what we do is a significant factor in the growth of our clients’ customer base.

Our fully staffed, 24/7 American Call Center is ready to take inquiries and pump out the solutions you need. Call, chat, text, or email them at any time to receive expert industry knowledge, technical assistance, and any other kind of support.

We treat you like family unlike other bookie sites, but it goes beyond that. You see, the bigger and more successful you become, the more we will grow and succeed here at PREMIER PER HEAD. That’s a win-win proposition for everyone involved.

We have the creative expertise to make you look great, prices that will make you feel great, and the tools to help you work great. We’re a full-package deal, and combined with our fully-staffed call center, we’re leagues above other pph websites.

In the final analysis, the question isn’t really “Why Premier?” but “Why Not?”

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to address that question further. Or, if we’ve convinced you already, then try out our 4-week Pay Per Head free trial now!