Choosing The Best Pay Per Head Service Is Easy When You Have Premier PPH Sportsbook Software

Choosing A Pay Per Head Service

Bookmaking has evolved greatly over the last 25 years. The days of taking wagers with pen and paper are as long gone as the rotary phone. As technology continues to transform the industry, the internet has flooded with one pay per head service after another. The number of choices can be overwhelming to those searching to become a bookie. Some online sites are good, but plenty are bad. Deciding on a home can be a real crap shoot. Which is why Premier Per Head has constructed a questionnaire to choosing the best pay per head service, period. Our intent is to help you avoid the pitfalls and save you the financial loss and frustration from making the wrong choice.

Bookmaker Software For The Win

Top internet shops use the best bookmaker software as its foundation. So your search for a PPH service should start with a series of questions. Few are more important than, “What software do you offer?” Now, there are a multitude of softwares on the market. And not all are created equal. Premier Per Head entrusts it’s livelihood with world renowned Digital Gaming Solutions, or DGS. With several decades as a mainstay in the industry, DGS has an outstanding reputation as being bookie software innovators. Their periodic updates means that they are always striving to improve. Not only that, when you are the leader of your industry for so long, the community of designers and technicians familiar with your software flourishes. In short, the educated workforce surrounding all things DGS creates greater potential for add-on applications and IT maintenance.

What Are The Top Features?

After making contact with any PPH site and getting a demo account, the first step is log in to get familiar with the layout. A first impression is an important part in scouting the service. Remember, each new client is also going to have his own first impression. So, the layout should be clean.

Is It User Friendly?

If the site is user friendly, you should have a relatively short learning curve, especially if you’re not a first time bookie. And your players should slip right into without much difficulty. A concise, well-designed agent website will have it’s top reports organized and well-defined with a variety of color to differentiate the functions. For players, the wagering layout should be a breeze to operate. Remember most bettors choose crunch time to place wagers. A clumsy design risks angering and turning off your clientele. Alternate layouts are also a huge plus. Not every need is met with the same setup. Premier’s interface designs are made with a bookies’ and bettors’ most pressing needs at hand. And each is uniquely different.

Is The Interface Seamless On Multiple Devices?

You should never assume that every client is using the same smartphone as you, or even a phone for that matter. Both Iphone and Android phones uses separate operating systems, so really test out how the user interfaces performs. Make sure there are no broken links or server errors; a sign of a poor tech team. Also, don’t forget to try out the desktop version. Make sure your test run includes the various platform links like the casino, live wagering and the racebook. Premier Per Head, the design team builds all it’s website features with the latest devices in mind. You should expect any shop that deserves your business to do the same.

Are They Current With Industry Tendencies?

For years sports wagering has fit in the same mold of “bet before the game, bet at halftime”. However, just over the last five years, technology has opened the doors to new opportunities. It’s no longer enough to offer just the traditional betting platforms. Gamblers increasingly are seeking out constant action during events. Live Wagering fulfills the demand. Events should be, not only, on domestic sports but on international leagues and competitions as well. This turns your business into a 24 hour operation. If you want to see exactly what a live wagering setup should be, Premier’s VIP Live Wagering platform is the benchmark for all to follow.

What Safeguards Exist For Agent Protection?

The core of any pay per head service is sports wagering. But a quality sportsbook will have its agent backend designed around monitoring and protecting bookies and their bank. A bet alert system is essential in keeping you informed of the exact moment one of your players takes action. Being able to receive text or emails detailing the wagers as they come in is crucial for those that lay off action. It also helps in discovering dangerous players on your sheet. A companion function to this would be an agent report that analyzes a player’s action vs line movement. There’s a lot of information out there for gamblers, nowadays, with a growing pool of sharp bettors and those looking to jump on value before major line moves. Premier takes pride in having cutting edge features that provide these exact requirements. Our “Big Bet Alert” and “Beat The Line” reports draw rave-reviews and allow sports betting agents to breathe easier. It’s comforting to know the software is providing tools for self-protection.

Take A Test Run… On Us!

So, now you know the software is legit. What about all the behind the scenes? Unfortunately, it takes more leg-work and time to get a truly accurate answer to this question. Chances are you are making your move just before the busy season. So getting a live-action test of server capacity can’t be matched close to anything what will take place on an NFL Sunday. Most likely you’ll have to take a leap of faith on this issue, but you can pick peak hours and take note if the website appears slower. In that case, it’s a good bet that servers are near saturation and won’t stand a chance when things get hectic. Also, a good idea is to go after its live betting platform where server loads are highest. If you notice a drag, expect to field complaints come football season. In this industry, up-time is the key to keeping happy customers. We all know that no gambler ever missed out on placing a losing ticket; they’re all winners of course. Another litmus is to really test the customer service department. Premier believes that great pay per head service will have multiple methods of contact and be quick to respond. Do they answer emails? Are your texts returned promptly? And when you make requests are they executed in a timely fashion? These are the details that keep your business running efficiently and can make or break a successful season. When it comes time to invest in a pay per head service, these are fundamental guidelines that, if used, will improve your experience and chances of success. Of course, you could also save yourself the trouble and go with a sure thing like Come experience one of the elite per head sportsbooks in the industry. Any questions?