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In today’s fast-paced online environment, the drift toward never-ending content has touched every part of life, including the offshore gaming industry. It’s becoming less common to only offer the standard game lines as bettors ask for more options.

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VIP Live Betting With Pay Per HeadLive Wagering is one answer to this call. But, what was considered live wagering just a few short years ago, with odds during game timeouts, has grown to include new platforms that offer continuous lines.

Bettors today place wagers real-time even while watching the live action.

The very nature of this wagering style means that separate software must be maintained individually from the standard platforms our agencies have grown on.

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What We Offer

It might be easier to talk about what isn’t offered, but then that wouldn’t take very long. Premier’s custom VIP Live Wagering platform is loaded with offerings on games, halves, periods, quarters and innings; from spreads to team totals, exact outcomes and even select props.

The number of options is not a limiting factor, neither is the ability to regulate how the action is placed.

Set max money line odds allowed by the dog or by the favorite! Manage max payouts per bet or an accumulation for all the offerings of that game! Set the max wager per bet where you want it or allow them multiple bets just at different lines!

Even cap the total sum risked for everything offered per game and make them “cool off” in between bets for the heavier-fingered bettor! Control which leagues you are offering!

If you want JUST the main US sports, we can do that. If you want to add select leagues from around the world, we can do that too. Or we can let them experience all the exotic leagues from 2nd division soccer the world over to Lacrosse and Cricket.

From the player’s perspective, they love all the wagering possibilities and rave about our one-click option, which allows them to pre-set a wager amount and just “click the line” they want to bet!

No need to rush filling in wager amounts before the line moves.

Feel A-LIVE!

With this developing trend comes a new set of circumstances. Wagering decisions have accelerated to a breakneck pace as players speculate the lines next sudden move.

The ebbs and flows of real game action produce steep line swings that provide opportunities sometimes “too good to pass up” from the bettors perspective. The end result can be a greater temptation at placing more frequent bets.

But how do we use this temptation to our advantage or mitigate the damage? Although we all like the reward the big wager can bring, we all know the big risk is just as likely.

Volume has always been the books best friend. Getting the action spread around is the better long term equation. The benefit is the stability in a steady, moderate income and our clientes can usually justify smaller, long-term losses as opposed to the big hit.

Although, limits should be set with your end goal in mind, a good starting point is to keep max wagers on the lower end and a conservative restriction on the range of money lines. Don’t allow huge favorites that are a sure thing or give away the big dog line only to watch the team rally and cover for the big payout.

We’d rather let the player really dive into the platform and see all the options available spreading his money around. This is especially true as we pick up new clientele we know little about. It’s better to feel them out before we let them fully loose. And if the philosophy is to restrict money lines on the standard game lines, keep it this way on Premier’s VIP platform as well.

Consistency goes far in being able to explain away why we set certain restrictions.

Ready to make the best bet when it comes to your Per Head Software Service? Get in touch with us today and we can get you set up with a free trial and you will be able to see just how powerful this platform is and how you can offer your customers