The 411 On Pay Per Head Services

The Truth About Pay Per Head Services

The Truth About Pay Per Head Services

The Truth About Pay Per Head Services

The online gaming industry has never been stronger. With a simple internet search you can find dozens of companies advertising their services. If you’ve already been running your business online for years, then you’re already well aware. And your experience with pay per head services is even likely good enough to give out advice on sportsbook software. 


Where there is smoke…

What you might not know is that many companies like to blow smoke. They boast how they move their own lines and can make you tons load of more money. But has the low-down on how odds really change, at least for serious pay per head services.

Today’s betting environment is marked by rapid change. Top flight services with accurate information are all within a half point on any game. In other words, the market dictates major sportsbooks stick to a very precise line. Naturally, some are faster than others. But, if your current service says they profile your clients and move the lines to match, it’s just an empty sales tactic. 

The truth is agents have players come and go. And they often recycle player accounts with no concern of resetting historical betting patterns. The logistics of profiling accounts in constant flux is an impossible task. In this regards, the only objective in pph is to maintain up-to-date lines at all times. Plain and simple! 


…there is Fire

Having rogue odds or delayed line moves, even for “square” players, can jeopardize profit margins. Regularly, a bookie agent will have just a few bets on a game and perhaps all those on the same side. In that scenario, it’s winner take all. So the pph is tasked with making sure that when a bet comes in, the odds are the true market value and not some deviation.

At Premier, our sportsbook software monitors top sources for odds and alerts on each sporting event, weighting other variables as well. The result is a fast-twitch algorithm that keeps our lines fresh when the market goes volatile. In short, our lines are at the forefront while other pay per head services scramble to keep up. 

And the stakes are even higher when dealing with live wagering markets, which have little margin for error and zero for creativity. So, the line has to be on the dot. Only the most streamlined programs can handle today’s non-stop demands, which provides with it’s celebrated VIP Live wager platform. 


Fire Protection For Pay Per Head Services

In the age of the internet, even square bettors get instant access to key injuries, line movement and steam plays targeted by betting crews. Not even the biggest operations can completely stop all the higher risk action from getting through. 

But pay per head services like have invested time and effort into creating features that quickly identify any dangerous breach. As you look to expand business activity, sometimes sharp bettors make their way into the fold. With our updated version Beat The Line 2.0, you don’t even have to actively run any report. The process is automatic. As the bookie agent, you’ll receive alerts on sign-in and can opt-in for them to be delivered to your preferred email box as well.


In today’s high-tech world, pay per head services must stay ahead of technology trends in order to provide safe, accurate lines. Contact Premier for cutting-edge sportsbook software that will keep online bookies in the black with none of the bull. You came here for the truth, stay for the service.




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