Why The Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Sports Betting Is Great News

VIP Live Betting On MobileYesterday the US Supreme Court made a ruling that has allowed states to legalise sports betting. In 1992 was a federal law passed that prohibited the vast majority of states from allowing people to place a wager on the outcome of sporting events.

At first people were worried that it was just going to pave the way for super betting sites to come in and dominate the market allowing people to place their bets online. We were interviewed by Bloomberg and were asked if we thought it would affect the pay per head market negatively. In short it is actually fantastic news for this market as people now have the opportunity to make a great deal of money starting their own bookies online and legally taking bets from the extremely hungry market that have been longing for this law change.

So Why Is This Law Change Good News?

In short when people sign up for our pay per head service it allows people to start with the very minimal investment. Previously people automatically assume that starting their own bookmakers will cost an extreme amount of money. And they wouldn’t be wrong. The reason for this is that they would need to invest in websites, software solutions that allow people to securely place their bets as well as hiring call centre staff and premises in which to run their business.

With pay per head you are able to start your own business quickly and easily without the worry of any of those expenses. Pay per head literally means that you only pay a very small fee per active customer and you have access to our cutting edge software, a branded website and our all English-speaking and highly experienced customer call centre.

Our industry experts who have been working in this industry for over 20 years are on hand to help you start your own bookies and make a real success of it. Our expert oddsmakers are constantly monitoring the markets which means that you are always one step ahead of people placing bets. We are well known for having the fastest lines in the market by quite a considerable margin which enables you as the bookie to keep ahead of the game.

Get State Of The Art Bookies Software Without The Expense

Our state-of-the-art software enables you to offer the very best service to your customers by giving them all the functionality that they would get from bookmakers such as William Hill. Our VIP Live Wagering functionality enables people to place bets on games that are already in progress.

Our systems are designed to help you as the bookmaker encourage your users to get involved with as many games as possible. Even if there aren’t any live games available at the time and the customers are not actively getting involved with the sports betting you even have access to an amazing online casino where your customers can play to their hearts content.

So in short you are able to offer your customers a top-of-the-line sports book, and all-encompassing Racebook and a brilliant online casino. Just think what it cost to try and settle that up from scratch! At bare minimum you will be looking several hundred thousand dollars but with Premier Pay Per Head you can offer your customers all of this for a very small price per head.

In just one day since the law has changed we have had an influx of people showing an interest in starting their own bookmakers and have started their two weeks free pay per head trial. If you want to take a look for yourself get in touch through the contact form and we can get you set up extremely quickly so you can start taking advantage of this Law change and making some amazing money from your online bookies.