Soccer Wagering Explained – Understand All The Terminology

learn the basics soccer wagering and asian handicapping

Soccer Wagering & Asian Handicapping

As we charge into the month of June we set eyes on Russia and the 2018 World Cup. The world’s largest month long sporting event comes with soccer wagering. This is a great opportunity to get clientele and get back into the action just in time for the NFL Preseason.

Soccer has grown exponentially in the US. Some bettors and agents are still unfamiliar with how betting the game works. Most American sports have some kind of overtime beyond regulation. However, soccer typically does not.

Given that soccer matches often end in a tie, let’s review some 101 and see how we run things at Premier.


Lets Start With The 3 Way Moneyline

Soccer games are handicapped with only game regulation in mind. It’s no surprise that moneyline odds include a “draw line” intended for predicting a tie game. This means there are 3 possible outcomes: two teams and the draw.

When a games does end with a “draw”, all action on both teams would be losing tickets. That’s easy enough to understand. But when the game is part of an elimination tournament, like the World Cup, the game goes to extra time.

Even then the standard soccer lines are based on 90 minutes of regulation. To those less familiar with the sport, this can be a big surprise, which is why Premier always offers an alternate “to win” line that would include any overtime and remove the draw line.


The Spread & Asian Handicapping

Of course there is also the option of spread betting. As one might guess, it works like a point spread. The favorite is handicapped by a “x” number of goals. If team A is favored by 1 goal, they must win by 2 to cover. But what if they win by just 1 goal?

Traditionally, in Europe, as odd as it sounds, draws exist on the spread and in this case would result in a losing bet. Fortunately, Premier has adopted the Asian Handicapping format for both spreads and totals. It better serves our demographics and we enjoy serving you better.

The way the system works is how US-based clientele are accustomed to having a spread bet push behave, as a refunded wager. But Asian Handicapping is so much more! There is also a guide to capitalizing on the world cup which we think as a bookie you will find useful.


This Is Why We’re The Best

Oftentimes, a soccer spread line will have higher odds attached to it like a baseball runline. Take a big favorite that is -1.5 (+135) and the dog +1.5 (-155). Asian Handicapping has built an exciting formula that aims to get those lines back closer to even odds, keeping it as balanced as possible.

The solution is to add quarter goals to the line. Here’s the above line using the Asian quarter system; -1.25 (-105) / +1.25 (-115). At first glance, it might not seem that much different than the 1.5 with less odds, but this quarter line represents split bets of -1 & -1.5 (-105) / +1 & +1.5 (-115).

Now we can see a little better what is happening. When we grade the results we can have two separate outcomes. If my wager is on +1.25 and my team loses by 1 goal, I would push half my wager on the +1 and win the other half on +1.5. The same system works for totals. An over on 2.75 goals would represent a split bet on over 2.5 and over 3.

Asian Handicapping is a unique system that represents alternative opportunities on spread lines but at near even odds. Premier offers this option, not just during the World Cup, but, year-long. Even on soccer leagues from around the globe.

Premier understands not all players are going to find interest in this modern betting option, which is why we also always offer the traditional spreads based upon half goal increments. Bettors are not handcuffed into accepting the split-bet system.There is plenty of variety here at Premier to meet all your clientele’s changing needs this summer and all seasons.