Best american knowledgeable customer service in industry

At Premier Per Head our Pay Per Head customer service is handled by Americans who have taken action before and know what you need to make your business run smooth, as well as maximize your profit. Discover How Premier Per Head Solves the Customer Service Nightmare.

Everybody knows that when they select a Pay Per Head sportsbook technology software provider they are looking for an organization that is not only dependable, but can provide the right service at the right price. We emphasize the word “service” because sometimes you don’t get what you pay for. At Premier Per Head, we have people who have actually been on your side of the table, so to speak. They have been in the business, and so they understand all the problems that are involved. They also know full well what it takes to make YOUR customers happy. And that includes not only having open lines of communication, but CLEAR lines as well. That can not be over-emphasized.

One of the things that you always want to avoid if you are in business as a bookmaker, or, in PPH service parlance, an “agent,” is for disputes to arise over misunderstandings. There are other Pay Per Head companies that employ staff who does not speak English as a native language. That is a critical mistake, and something you are never going to encounter with Premier. We know where your customers are coming from, and we know that exactitude is a first priority. No one ever wants to get into a situation where a customer did not understand what was said over a phone and misinterpreted what their wager was as a result. That can cost you money, and lose you customers.

That is why, in the call center that is available to agents as part of their bookie software package, Premier has representatives taking calls – and wagers – who speak English as their FIRST language. Not only that, most of them are Americans, and they have a very comprehensive knowledge of the industry, so they know how to “talk the talk,” as it were. We did not grab them out of the grocery store and put them to work for a minimal hourly wage. They are well-trained, familiar with the business, and know what they are doing. They are there to help you, and help your customers, in their pursuit of getting the most out of their sports betting activity.

Best american knowledgeable customer service in industry

This is what we are committed to at Premier; the most knowledgeable customer service in the industry, which not only works for your clientele, but also for YOU, whenever you need to make a customer support call regarding your account. This will be the most pleasurable experience you’ll ever have, because our spirit of service is absolutely, positively second to none!