Our Testimonial From Sara Underwood

Why Bachelorette Star & Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood Feels Premier Per Head is the Best
If you go to Premier Per Head’s homepage, you will find a brief introduction by Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood on the sportsbook software solutions that we can bring to the table to help your successfully run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and online white label casino. One of the big reasons why we have partnered with the 2007 Playmate of the Year is to reach an even bigger audience of private bookies in the rapidly expanding world of Internet sports betting. There has never been a better time to start your own private bookie business and it all starts with one simple phone call to 800.498.4709.

1-Sportsbook Software Solutions that are Second to None

It is fairly easy task to find a Pay Per Head site when it comes to online bookie gambling software, but there is only one price per head service that can make the claim of being the No. 1 sportsbook solution provider in the highly competitive world of online sports betting. Our state-of-the-art bookie software would rival what the biggest offshore sportsbooks are using to run their million dollar websites. We have spent a substantial amount of money while designating a good portion of our manpower to the task of perfecting the right sportsbook software solutions to help you completely level the playing field with the big offshore books operating online.

2-Everything You Need at One, Low Weekly Cost

A big part of making money as a private bookie is controlling your costs upfront, while finding new and innovative ways to add some bottom-line profit to your entire bookmaking operation. Premier Per Head has you covered for the upfront part of the equation with a low weekly PPH service fee for any of your active betting customers. You will never have to worry about paying any hidden fees or added costs when it comes to our bookie agreement.

3-Take Our Online Gambling Software for a Free Test Spin

We are so confident that once you do make that call to Premier Per Head at 800.498.4709 and sign on with our price per head services, that we will give the first two weeks free of charge so you can takes things for an extended test ride. There is nothing better than getting some first-hand experience with our Internet sports betting package while also having an ample amount of time to take your bookie business online.

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