Pete Carroll – Pay Per Head Agents Worst Enemy

Superbowl 49 was probably one of the most exciting super bowls of all time. It was a close game that came literally right down to the last play of the game. It was the most viewed super bowl of all time and it did not disappoint.

That being said, the outcome of the game was a night mare for most agents using bookie software sites. The line opened up at a PK, and most sportsbook sites eventually installed New England as a 1 point favorite. By game time, most sites had been back down to pick’em, or even Seattle at -1. Local bookies using sportsbook software sites, should use a site like that allows them to move the lines for their customers in order to spread out the action as much as possible.

The game was tied at halftime, living up to the bookmakers point spread. The Seahawks had some trouble starting out on offense, but managed to score a touchdown from Russell Wilson with 6 seconds left to tie it up. Bookie software sites put up a line of pick ’em for the second half. A lot more action continued to come on the Patriots.

The Seahawks came out firing in the 2nd half, scoring a field goal early and then intercepting Tom Brady which led to a touchdown. Pay Per Head agents would have been perfectly happy with the score with just 8 minutes left of 24-14 Seahawks. Unfortunately, the scoring wasn’t over. The Patriots scored touchdowns on their next two drives to take a 28-24 lead. With two minutes left, Seattle put together a nice drive and with a nice catch by Kearse, they had it first and goal from the 5 yard line. Bookies were already counting there money. However, on 2nd down, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks coaching staff made the single worst call in sports history, and chose to pass into the center of the field, which was intercepted by the Patriots ending the game. Here’s some bookie advice, don’t ever trust Pete Carroll again. Period.

Other things that local bookie sites lost on were some props like Tom Brady for MVP and Patriots to win the super bowl. Bookies using pph sites should routinely move down the odds for props and futures such as these. Players tend to play the favorites because they are still getting 3/1 or more. So even if they are getting a nice price, they still get to take the favorite which of course is the preference of the general betting public. Also be careful for sharp players who have a big edge on props.