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Have you ever been on lunch break from your 9 to 5 and come across somebody that obviously isn’t in a rush to be anywhere? And their entire demeanor says there’s no boss-man telling them where to be? You probably even thought to yourself, “how the hell does this a-hole make a living?” Well, what if you were told that through the services of a per head sportsbook, that a-hole could be you.

Jokes aside, being a bookie agent is one of the most lucrative small-business opportunities going today. Of course that depends on finding the right per head sportsbook. Because any new business endeavor will involve mistakes, avoiding setbacks means turning a profit all the sooner.

What’s a per head sportsbook?

A per head sportsbook is an up and running online software platform offering thousands of sports betting options every day. An account with will provide you with all the prominent betting markets in the industry, 24 hours a day.

Not only that, the software will do all the accounting transactions for your clientele leaving everything wrapped up in a bow. All that’s needed is a quick log-in on your bookie website to display all your players’ action and current balances.

What if I’m new to the game?

With Premier’s expertise and guidance, you really don’t even have to know much about sports or being a bookie. An experienced staff has even designed an entrance package intended for first-time bookies.

Stay protected as you learn about the business. And their attentive staff will answer your questions and provide you advice on how to manage your clientele. With a call center and various methods of text messaging, you can always reach a Customer Service Manager. All that is include as part of its per head sportsbook service.

You might be asking, “is it really that easy?”

The answer would be yes. With Premier doing the heavy lifting, your job boils down to networking. If you have the gift of gab, you’ll flourish at the task of meeting potential customers and recruiting them to become stable clients.

If you’re not so great one-on-one, no need to worry. Today’s world of social media affords the less adventurous an equal opportunity to grow their business without ever leaving to comfort of your home. Today’s bookie business can exist exclusively and thrive on digital platforms.

And getting started literally takes a few moments. Your bookie agency can be setup with betting accounts, ready to hand out, in less than 5 minutes. You only need to decide on passwords and credit limits. With pre-created websites, your players just need to login to get action on thousands of games. Of course, can also create custom websites at amazingly economical prices if you want to personalize your per head sportsbook.

They say you can become an expert in any field with 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. You could break that up into 5 and a half hour study sessions each day for the next 5 years. Or you can join the best per head sportsbook in the industry,, and gain instant access to over 100,000 hours of real-time expert experience. Join now!