How Pay Per Head Software Help Your Online Bookmaker Business Grow

Per Head AdvantagesFinding an honest opinion on sports betting software in this day and age can be quite difficult. The reason for this is that there are quite a few providers of different software solutions. You may find review sites claiming to give honest reviews of these companies but the fact is they are normally manipulated in a way that they will get commission from the sale of the software.

However here at Premier Pay per Head we will tell you straight exactly what the software can and can’t do. Obviously we want you to use our software over others that we understand that you have a choice so we will tell you why we believe we are better than the other providers available.

Managing Expectations From Your Pay per Head Software

While using bookmaker software online is a fantastic way to make your business far more efficient and lower your overheads you do need to realise that the software cannot be left to its own devices to make you money.

You will find that a lot of the Pay Per Head software that is available is comparable with respect to performance however there are other aspects need to be taken into account to justify which is the best software provider.

Fast Lines – Always Be At The Front Line Of Odds Setting

At Premier Per Head we are very proud that we have the fastest pay per head lines in the business which mean that with our software you are as near as you possibly can be to replacing an experienced oddsmaker.   constant development is also a key factor in making sure that you are getting good value for money from your pay per head provider. By this we mean that the software solution needs to be on a constant state of development so that both you the bookmaker and your clients can have the very best functionality available anywhere.

No More Lost Hours On Time Consuming Menial Tasks

Of course the software itself is not the only advantage that there is to using pay per head. While running an online bookmaker cannot be completely hands off our customer support team who are there to help both you and your customers mean that you can leave the time-consuming tasks such as dealing with the customers to us while you concentrate on the important part of building your business.

Give Your Customers A Full Service Offering

One major benefit of using pay per head software is the fact that by utilising the technology you can offer your customers far more than they would ever be able to get from a traditional bookmaking service. The reason for this is that you can not only offer extras such as in play betting and with the fast moving lines you can provide the users with the best live odds available. In addition you will be able to take wagers from just about any difference for you can think of from all the countries around the world.

Aside from the wide range of sports there are generally times of the year when your regular customers may not want to be betting because the sport is out of season. However, here at Premier per head we have integrated an online casino into our software offering which means that you are able to keep your customers active even during the out of season times.

If you are still on the fence about which Pay Per Head software to use then why not try a totally free 2 week trial so you can see exactly how good the Premier Per Head solutions can be for your business. From just a small fee per active player after the trial you will be able to offer a service to your customers that you have never been able to do before.