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What is Pay Per Head?

Pay Per Head Booking Software takes the stress out of your bookmaking business. With live betting, real-time reports and updates, and the ability to set your lines quickly and easily, you get the support you need to keep things running. With Premier Per Head, you can get paid fast and keep more money in your pocket with per head fees as low as just $10.


Why Do Bookies Use PPH?

The future of bookmaking lives online. Bookies rely on PPH for seamless management of their entire operation and a greater ability to compete against other bookie services. Pay Per Head bookie software provides agents with a one-stop shop for managing all of their players, wagers, and lines. Stay organized with on-the-minute information when you need it, where you need it, and make it easier to pay and get paid.


How Does Pay Per Head Work?

It’s never been easier to manage your bets.

  1. Sign up: Join Premier Per Head as an agent and use our digital sportsbook to add and manage your players.
  2. Connect: A Premier Per Head representative will reach out to you right away to talk details and get you up and running.
  3. Start making money: Run your business right from home, with easy set up that can be completed in just a few minutes.

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What You Get

As one of the best Pay Per Head service providers, we make sure you have access to a wide range of tools for running your business with ease. These include:

Live-betting: Make and receive bets on game while they’re taking place.

Setting linesSet up your odds, with easy-to-manage point spreads, money lines, and over/unders.

Bet alerts: Get notified in real time whenever a player makes a new bet.

Account closing: Maintain an ability to open or close players’ account whenever you want.

Setting limits: Create custom limits for each player.

Move wagering lines: Move your lines after setting your opening odds.

Track player activityReceive regular reports on player activity, daily and weekly balances, wager positions, and more so you always know what’s going on.

Manage player profiling: Set specific wager limits per sport or event, dictate wager rules for individual customers, and more.


The Premier Per Head Advantage

24/7 support: Professional customer call center offers the best service in the industry.

Worldwide betting: Run your business from anywhere.

Flat fee rates: Small per head fees charged only on active clients.

Technical assistance: Troubleshoot problems quickly and easily.

Mobile and tablet support: Run your bets where you want, how you want.


How Does Payment Work?

Pay just $10 per active player with no hidden fees and no start-up cost. Premier Per Head offers the easiest deposit options in the PPH industry, including MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards, and Vanilla gift cards. As the agent, you’ll take on the responsibility of settling up with your players. We do not pay or accept payment from individual heads.

Our payment options are safe, secure, and confidential. Cryptocurrency and gift cards allow you to make payments without sharing personal details and without the risk of identity theft.


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If you’re still not convinced that Premier Per Head if the bookie software for you, then take it for a test drive with our free trial. You’ll get access to our full range of services, including live betting and 24/7 support. Talk through any questions or concerns with one of our representatives so that when you’re ready to join you know exactly how to run your business.

We want to make sure that you get everything you expect from your PPH software. We’ll work you to ensure that your operation runs as smoothly as possible, with worldwide support available any time that you need it.

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