Pay Per Head Definition: New England Patriots 2018 As An Example


pay per head definition and using for nfl

What’s The Definition Of Pay Per Head

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Pay Per Head: Start With NFL Season

The next in line for NFL season preview are the Patriots. This New England Patriots 2018 Overview we’ll look at how the team appears to be shaping up for 2018/19.

The devastating loss at Super Bowl LII took its toll, how well do you think they will recover?

There appeared to be plenty of drama happening at the team long after the stadium and falling quiet.

Public arguments about whether quarterback Malcolm Butler should have been benched, dominated the news.

Players Players Everywhere

There also seemed to be a mass exodus of players going to other teams by free agency or trade.

However what has happened at the team there is no doubt that they will recover and fight back. The fact remains that the key figures still remain at the team. This team has had a long history of dramas. But, their is probably no better team better at blanking out distractions such as this.

Tom Brady is still the Patriots quarterback and Bill Belichick remains as head coach for the team.

Overall, with the team and coaching line up they can still stand a chance of the Superbowl again this year.

New England Patriots Defence For 2018

Last season the Patriots were very good at limiting their opponents to low point totals.

But in the Super Bowl the Eagles were able to progress up and down the field with relative ease.

While a lot of people blamed the fact that Butler was benched there is no doubt that the problems went much deeper than this.

For instance, the pass rush simply wasn’t there, the linebackers were misfiring and continually missed assignments.

Work As A Team Damnit!

The fact was they lost the Super Bowl because they failed to work as a team and generally they covered and tackled very poorly during that game.

Some people place the reason for the struggles down to there being a general lack of speed amongst the team. When you compare some of the attacking line-ups from other teams the Patriots simply look a couple of steps behind in this area.

The Patriots will no doubt take some relief from the fact that Dont’a Hightower is back from injury. This will no doubt the add some much-needed power to the edge.

The Patriots have also acquired Jason McCourty who was the twin brother of Devin which will add a new versatility in the out of corner options they have when paired up with Stephone Gilmore.

New England Patriots Offense For 2018

there is no doubts that the new interim Patriots have the firepower to be right at the top of their game. Brady is still the main man to lead the offence. Brady will also feel the benefits of a return from injury of Julian Edelman in a position of wide receiver.

The future of Gronkowski was thrown into doubt after the Superbowl but to the relief of Patriots fans he has stated that he will return to the team.

Despite the fact that the LA Rams traded Brandin Cooks, Brady will still undoubtedly have the speed he needs on the outside with the likes of Patterson, Hogan and Dorsett. You can expect to see Patterson use creatively on quick screens and jet sweeps in this upcoming season.


Despite all of the off field dramas in the closed season the Patriots are by no means a guarantee to make it back to the AFC championship game. But, would you really bet against them?

All the infighting and badmouthing in the press this team has a habit of pulling themselves together and performing on the pitch where it matters most.

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