Online Sportsbook Software Still Leads The Way!

Online Sportsbook Software Still Leads The Way! Premier Per Head

Online Sportsbook Software Still Leads The Way! Premier Per Head

In May of 2018, when the Supreme Court ruled against the 1992 federal ban on sports betting, many heralded it an instant breakthrough. The US public would finally step into the light of legal sports wagering. Yet here we are a full calendar year later and it’s business as usual. An overwhelming number of bettors continue to take action with their locals using online sportsbook software of the likes offered by

Living Up To The Hype?

To date, just a handful of states have some form of legalized sports wagering. Most are of the brick and mortar type that either have not legalized online apps or are just getting into developmental stages. The end result? Eager gamblers are required to go on site at one of a select few casinos just to place wagers. So why the delay?

It doesn’t take an expert to know progress moves at a snail’s pace when big government gets involved. Elected representatives first look at how they and their donors can benefit from any financial windfall. Afterall, Uncle Sam gets his cut. The end result is a predictable outcome leaving small-entrepreneurs and betting-enthusiasts outside the loop. 

Take the example of Illinois that just recently passed sports betting legislation. The initial fee for a 4 year sports wagering license is a whopping $10 million dollars. Any interested casino will be forced to pass the expense on to the players in the form of elevated odds and reduced payouts. Gambler’s are very sensitive to these excessive costs, which usually results in decreased activity and revenue.

Online Sportsbook Software Surges In Popularity

It’s reasons like these that online sportsbook software is not only surviving, but leading the way in online gaming. With gambling increasingly available to a broader audience, we at Premier are helping small-business bookies thrive.  Online sports wagering is one of the fastest growing markets in spite of restrictive legislation that only awards big business and it’s cronies. 

Premier’s mobile apps are accessible from anywhere on the planet. None of those regional lockout zones if you happen to cross state lines. While State sanctioned wagering begins to test the waters, the market has already turned the corner. Bettors demand constant action wagering platforms. With Premier Per Head you hit the ground running with the latest live-wagering trend. Plus your clients have the option of gambling on credit, something not possible at casino based sportsbooks. All things considered, it’s easy to see that online sportsbooks software is here to stay.

Sports wagering is gaining legal access in the US. But it’s clearly over-hyped for the product it delivers. The process is slow and stifling for the audience it pretends to serve. Meanwhile, online sportsbook software offered by continues to blaze the trails of internet sports wagering for the future. Call today to see how you can take part of the fastest growing business of 2019.




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