How An Online Casino Can Boost Your Profits

Online CasinosAt this point, in 2018, pretty much all Pay Per Head sites will be offering an online Casino, that feature many online casino games. This could be a source of revenue for agents, but it is important to beware of some of the potential issues and dangers that are associated with the casino.

Extra Revenue For You:

The first thing to remember is, agents and pay per head sites are mainly for sports betting. Yes of course Premier features a full casino and mobile casino, but we are still mainly a site used primarily for sports betting, and should be treated as such. The casino should be a nice potential side revenue for agents and be there to give the players a full gaming experience.

So, with that being said, don’t give out big limits to players in the casino. Unless the player is well known as a losing and paying player, you should not be giving out much more than $1000-$2000 weekly win/loss limit for each player in the casino per week. Also remember, the players are playing on credit. They must realize there are limits to how much they can play and win while not having to post up any money at all.

Casino Software

The casino is a software product, there are ways to manipulate it for the players benefit. Robots, and malware programs have been known to be able to affect the outcome of the games and could be used to take advantage of the agents. This is a rare case but is indeed possible.

Of course like in a real casino, there are swings up and down but if the player plays long enough, it will normally end up as a losing proposition for the players. Which of course is good for you, but not always. I’ll explain.

The casino usually causes many problems because in some cases it can be a no-win situation for an agent. If the player wins, you will have to pay him and hope he loses it back at some point. But when a player loses, many times they will claim that the software is fixed against them, and will refuse to pay some or all of what they lost. This is a big problem. Also, it becomes even worse if you have a player that is a consistent loser in sports, goes into the casino and has a bad experience. Now he is saying that it is fixed, he wont pay or ask to turn off his account. Now you just lost a great player over the casino.