Online Bookmaking Services

Online Bookmaking Services

5 Ways to Pay for Premier Pay Per Head Online Bookmaking Services, Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to Pay Per Head business solutions for the sports bookmaking industry and Premier Per Head has been leading the way for close to 15 years. We have grown to become leaders in the PPH service industry because of a never-ending commitment to providing the business solutions that mean the most to our bookmaking agents.

Best USA Pay Per Head Online Bookmaking Services

Some PPH services out there will try and wow you with the bells and whistles that really do make all that much noise. We know and understand what moves the dial for our Price Per Head agent’s bottom line and we have built a world class call center operating on the most sophisticated sports betting software in the PPH industry today to get that job done.

5 Ways to Pay for Premier Pay Per Head Online Bookmaking Services

Our PPH business solutions are designed to completely level the playing field with the big, faceless sportsbooks out there that are constantly trying to gain your customer’s attention. When you sign-on with Premier as an independent sports bookmaker, you can always rest assured that your customers are in the best hands possible, especially when it comes to American players. We can deliver the fastest and sharpest betting lines in the sports betting industry today and you will always have the capability to set your board with as much action as your customer base can handle.

Premier’s pay per head sports betting software is completely customizable for your particular business needs and it is deigned to be extremely customer friendly when it comes to navigating through the actual betting process. Best of all, it is built with dozens of security measures that make every online transaction as safe and as secure as possible.

Online Bookmaking Services

One of the tricks of the trade in the PPH industry is hidden costs and fees that are not a part of the weekly per head fee you already pay for your active customers. You do not have to worry about reading the fine print with Premier’s PPH service agreement. You will only pay one per-head fee for your active customer base and the best part of all is that we offer five different ways to pay for our PPH service.
One of the most popular payment methods is a money transfer service such as Western Union and Money Gram. You can also use a money order to pay your weekly fees and some agents opt to pay by a cashier check. We also accept gift cards that can be purchased in advance.