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The evolution of the NBA game, just over the last ten years, has shown remarkable increase in almost every significant statistical category. Let’s Talk NBA Finals Props…

From traditional stats: like Scoring, up 12 points per game; 3 Point Attempts, up 11 per game; to more advance figures like Pace Factor and Offensive Rating, the game has taken on a breakneck speed never before seen.

And while one might make the case that no defense and the “death of the big man” is a contributing factor, it’s hard to argue with this new level of excitement that a high-flying, high-paced game brings.

This ascent not only mirrors online gaming’s own rise of offering more prop wager opportunities with each passing year, but it comes to an apex during one of the most prized championship games series such as the NBA Finals.

Premier Weekly

NBA Final Props


Premier structures the NBA props in a way that allows you to totally customize what you offer and for what amount. With so much action, the ability to handpick what is allowed for your sheet is paramount.

The breakdown is grouped into 3 isolated sections: Game Props, Player Props and Tournaments. Each section falls into its own limits profile field, which allows you to pick and choose which areas you want to provide for your customers.

Game Props

Our Game Props section is the old-school props of yesteryear. Your players will be able to take action on the multiple denominations of “Team to score First Number of Points” and “3 Point Field Goals”, but also series result props that are a unique twist on the standard “Exact Outcome”.

By offering numerous spreads on the Series outcome, players can feel like they are creatively combining two separate outcomes, even adding in push opportunities to the outcome. The endgame in all of this of course is to cultivate more variety.

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Player Props

Fantasy sports continues its upward climb into the mainstream of American. There’s never been more interest in team sports on an individualist level. Premier’s player props section acts like a build-it-yourself menu.

With an assorted combination of stats, your clientele will be able to bet on all the players in the individual categories of points, rebounds, assists and blocks; but also mixed combinations of two and three statistical categories. This really creates a smorgasbord of action for your players to get excited about and creates extra interest inside the numbers of the game.


The tournaments section is a collection of “Odds to Win” for the series and game by game. This is where bettors select a player or outcome among a list of many. This area offers everything from the “MVP”, “Exact Series Outcome” to “Players with Best Statistical Averages” of the major basketball stats.

There are even game by game odds for which “Player Will Score 1st” and “Margin of Victory” and many more.

Putting It Together

And as always, Premier’s backend allows you, the agent, to manipulate which props are offered individually, using the “Move Lines” feature to either shade the line or even hide it from view. Tournaments often have the most enticing payouts, so our one of a kind “Manage Lines” feature allows you to cut a percentage off of the odds being offered on the market.

With these great tools and Premier Pay Per Head support, you can customize your product and compete in today’s growing fantasy sports market all within the comfort of the sports wagering industry you know and trust.

These are exciting times in our industry. Buckle in for the ride and let Premier be your guide.