Why Mayweather Vs McGregor Fight Is Important To Bookies

Saturday the 26th of August 2017, all eyes will be set on a boxing ring is Las Vegas where a big fight or perhaps a historic fight will take place. Are you curious what the Mayweather Vs McGregor Betting odds are? Most bookies are as the betting lines are changing! The fight will not be instigated by hatred or political reasons, but it will be a pure sporting fight between Floyd Mayweather and his opponent Conor McGregor.
Why Mayweather Vs McGregor Fight Is Important To Bookies

Online Bookies Odds For Mayweather Vs McGregor Betting

This has so far been termed as the biggest, richest and most talked sporting event that will take place in one day.
While either side of the fight is prepared to win the fight, there are other parts whom might be considered stakeholders who are looking up to the fight not as spectators but as curious businessmen and women in the name of sportsbook bookies

Those with online wagering sites are struggling to see how they can benefit from this upcoming event. With barely two weeks to the d-day, the pay per head operators is tightening their belts with the aim of getting at least something out of the big thing out there. The other group of people that are not going to sit back and let it pass is boxing enthusiasts and other sports fanatics. All these, in the name of online sports bettors, will be willing to put their money with the prospect of getting them back plus a profit.

Sports bettors will not only be waiting to watch the fight via giant screens from their respective living rooms or any other public place but also by using their portable devices, will be following the match.It is estimated that promoters of both boxers alone are likely to pocket some $1 billion during the fight. While promoters will get the lion’s share of the amount that will be raised from the fight, online bookies especially those with pay per head software will also be featured.

Of the two boxers, Mayweather has been given preference offer McGregor. The former is so far comes is at -500 odd while the other comes in at +350. It is evident that the chalk lies behind Mayweather and as such, it is reasonable that promoters as well as pay per head online bookies emphasize on Floyd, the ‘Pretty Boy.’

The Underdog

McGregor, the Irishman is considered by many as the underdog in this boxing match. However, that does not mean that not many fans will bet on him. On the contrary! In fact, there are those who say that there is the likelihood that McGregor might beat Mayweather in the initial four rounds. Whether that is true or false, it is a wait and sees the scenario that will help us unravel the puzzle. For now, the bet on McGregor beating Mayweather the initial stage of the game has +700 odds.

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