Profiting From Live Betting Functionality In Pay Per Head Software

does your your pph sportsbook solution have live betting

Literally, billions of dollars are wagered every single day on many different sports. The amount of people placing bets while the game has already started has grown immensely. One of the biggest markets is soccer. As the game becomes more popular, people are wagering on the game more than ever before. Live Betting is changing the way that people are betting on Soccer games more than any other market.

Because the game is played throughout the world there is almost always a game playing enabling people to place their bets around the clock. And for every time a client can place a bet with you, you then have an opportunity to profit.

In-game Live Betting Is Growing Rapidly

Soccer has the highest betting volume of any sports in the world. In the last decade it has grown exponentially with the MLS league growing in popularity as well. The popular English Premier league, German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga taking the vast majority of bets on a global scale.

When you place bets in-game, there are lots of different options for your clients. Full-time score, half-time score, final score, first scorer and many more. Players love live betting because it gives them lots of different options to potentially win large amounts of money.

Many people feel they can “read the odds” to win at sports betting however the fact is in soccer and any other game anything can happen. Live betting has proved amazingly popular with clients who use Premier per head solutions because it is opening up almost a whole new world of betting.

Does Your Sportsbook Solution Support Live Betting?

If you are currently a bookmaker that is looking for an online solution or if you are thinking about starting your own sports book, you absolutely need to get straight into the audience that is crying out for a slice of the extremely lucrative live betting opportunities.

In the old school way of doing things a client will generally place one bet per game and it will be for win, lose or draw. With live betting is change the whole game. You will sometimes find that your customers will be placing as many as 10 to 12 bets every single game. As a sportsbook owner it means that you are offering your clients choice which is the most important thing.

As a pay per head service our live betting software solution allows you to offer this kind of service to your clients, whatever the size of your sportsbook. By using as your software provider you know you’re going to get the same top-of-the-line software and expert support regardless of whether you have just one client or 100,000 clients.

With Premier Pay Per Head, Live Betting Is Just The Start…

There is a huge market for profit by offering live betting to your customers and we will be here to support you every step of the way. Take advantage of our pay per head software two week free trial to see for yourself how your customers will love the in play live betting functionality of our software.