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our 2018 LA Rams Overview is in for your bookies

Over the following weeks we will be doing a preview for each of the NFL teams and how they are stacking up for the season ahead. Today we will be giving you the LA Rams 2018 NFL Overview.

LA Rams 2018 – The Rams Acquire A Better Player For Hire

Lets first start with the Rams acquisition of Brandin Cooks back in April 18 from the New England Patriots. This is likely to be the steal of the season!

In short, the Rams have managed to add one of the fastest wide receivers to their team. Last year their offence averaged 25.6 points each game, if you include the playoffs in that. Expect that to get even higher with the addition of Cooks.

Many people believe that cooks secret weapon is his throttle down ability. As an extremely fast receiver this is a killer ability.

The LA Rams also have a master of set pieces in their coach Sean McVay. McVay has a knack for setting up amazing route combinations. Along with Cooks, Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods are matched with safeties and linebacks. Expect some spectacular combinations in this upcoming season.

McVay has built a team that is going to be a force to be rekoned with this season. They have Jared Goff who is the perfect quarterback to lead McVay’s well defined system.

Nothing Girly About Todd Gurley

It could also be said that the LA Rams 2018 team will have the best backfield passing game in the whole of the NFL. Of course, it helps when your team has Todd Gurley in it!

As a running back he is one of the most spectacular players you will see in space. McVay, as a clever coach has tailored his teams routines around this. McVay has coached his team well to ensure that each of his players can play fully to their strengths.

One point to note is that Tavon Austin last year only played 22% of the snaps. But, argualbly of those that he did play his presence was well recieved. So since Austin has been traded to the Dallas Cowboys, the impact remains to be seen.

What does need to happen though is that coach McVay need to find someone good to fill the hole left by Austin. One player which could fit into this gap would be Kupp, however McVay will find that he is not as dynamic as Austin.

Don’t Take Offense To The Lack Of Defense

It is arguable that there is a lack of depth in defense in the team.

The front line is fairly good, and with run-stuffer Tanzel Smart as well as other versatile players sucj as Dominique Easley and Ethan Westbrooks. But what about the linebacker and Safety?

All in all though the LA Rams look good for the 2018/19 season. What remains to be seen though is if they will pick as player from the NFL Supplemental Draft!

So, this was our LA Rams 2018 Overview and was the first in the group of team overviews which we will be publishing.

Take This 411 And Run

Feel free to use some of this information to entice your players into getting excited about the upcoing NFL Season. Now that the FIFA World Cup is coming to an end, now is the time to start bringing your customers eyes and ears to the attention of the upcoming season.

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