Irish Bookie Shocks With Tweet As Bus Is Attacked In Germany

Irish Bookie Shocks The World With An Emoji Tweet As Bus Is Attacked In Germany
Following the bus explosion that was carrying Borussia Dortmund FC, there has been heat on twitter. This is after an Irish bookmaker decided tweet a post on a tweeter handle that did not taste well in the mouths of Dortmund players, local and internationals fans.

Te bus was ferrying the team to a game fixture with FC Monaco when the incident occurred.

Boyle Sports, a reputable bookmaker online in Ireland, that to pay per head software, went to Twitter to express all it had about Dortmund.

What is even more ridiculing, the online bookie decided to employ a series of emojis. No one can tell for sure if Boyle Sports wanted to disguise the world by using a series of emojis, which definitively can be interpreted in different ways or it was just a strategy to gain publicity.

It would not have caused much public wrath as it has done if only the bookmaker used ordinary words. The use of emojis could simply be translated in different right and wrong versions.

The fact that Boyle decide to use them, something was supposed to be hidden from the public. Sadly, there was nothing to hide, quite a number of people, including Borussia Dortmund fans felt outraged.

According to Marc Barta, the team’s defender, who was hit on face by a flying piece of glass following the explosion, a few of his colleagues suffered some injuries.

It was moments after the explosive, BoyleSports’ ‘inhumane’ tweet went viral, with many people feeling pissed off. That at least could be seen from their comments on the post.

Moments after the blast on Wednesday afternoon, Boyle said on a post, “Price Bomb Dortmund Vs Monaco, Juventus Vs FC Barcelona, both must score in the first half, which doubled to 3/1.”

It was later discovered that the explosive actually contained pieces of metal.

Germany police acted swiftly to apprehend an Islamist, who they suspect to be part or organized the tragic explosion.

However no more pay per head information has been shared by the police as to whether or not he was responsible for the explosion.

Police said they will communicate on the matter upon completion of investigations.

After the incident, those who suffered minor injuries were treated by the team doctor and were said to be fit for the match with Monaco.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the Wednesday attack on bus carrying football players is an �appalling crime’ that cannot be tolerated in today’s world. She however, thanked Borussia and Monaco fans for joining hands during the disturbing times. She said the culprits will be brought into justice.

The game is on.
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