Man Allegedly Offered ‘Informant’ Gambler’s Wife Millions For Sex

Canada’s No. 12 Wealthiest Man Allegedly Offered 'Informant’ Gambler’s Wife Millions Of Dollars For Sex
A gambler who has no repute at all has filed for defamation against Daryl Katz who is believed to be Canada’s number 12 wealthiest man.

The reason for Robert Cipriani’s lawsuit is that Katz offered his model wife £1.6 million ($2 million) in order to sleep with her different times within a year.

Greice Santo, a model who appears in the movie Jane The Virgin is allegedly Katz’s target, the reason why he offered such huge amounts of pay per head money.

Daryl is the owner of Canadian Edmonton Oilers.

According to Cipriani’s wife, Greice, the business mogul lured her into his hotel rooms several times in 2015 alone.

The reason for the man trying to lure the model, according to Greice is that he believes she is still a virgin just as the name of the comedy show in which she is a star.

On a police file report, which is believed to be the truth, Mrs Cipriani said that Katz sent her the money on two occasions. This was even after she had declined his advances of luring her to his room.

“He told me that he was going to completely change my life with a role that I’ve never thought of in my life. However, after a while, he changed his mind and decided to send me money. I did not hear about the role that would change my life again. After sending me the money, his next move was to only have sex with me in different hotel rooms that he had booked in advance,” Greice stated.

The online bookie software report continued to show how Katz felt about the amount that he was going to give the model if she would give in to his demands.

“I’m not talking about small money. All I’m saying is millions. The amount that will change your life for good and that of your family. I don’t want you to struggle.

When Mrs. Santo asked what she would be needed to do to show appreciation of the ‘millions’, Katz answered, “All I need is sex and companionship.”

Upon receiving the money, Cipriani’s wife decided to start a charity, which is aimed at helping women who are either battered or bullied.

Her husband, Cipriani got the name ‘Informant’ when he was a prime witness in the case involving Owen Hanson, a former USC football legend many days before the introduction of pay per head software.

In a quick rejoinder, Katz, through his lawyers claim that he does not believe anything Cipriani, a convicted felon says.

“His claims are without merit, false, and malicious,” Katz said.

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