How Does Pay Per Head Work? We’re Your Ace Per Head Software Solution

how pay per head works and makes you better

How Does Pay Per Head Work

So you want to know “How does Pay Per Head Work?” Premier Pay Per Head offers the best-in-class, game-changing bookmaker software.

With our pay per head free trial, any bookie, large or small, can experience true bookmaking excellence.

Do Bookies Need Software?

Absolutely! First of all, smart modern bookies need software to stay ahead of the game.

We’re proud to offer bookie software that is designed to reinvigorate that old-school ledger feeling.

The user experience also fuses that with the fast-paced and sleek tech. This is the next stage in the evolution of bookmaking. 

It was difficult and definitely mentally exhaustive.  small-scale bookies were booted onto the sideline once the larger betting organizations rose into place.

You Don’t Need To Be The Big Dog (Medium and Little Dogs Welcome Too)

With our online bookie software it’s possible for any sized bookie to launch, manage, and monitor their own clients.

The software we offer has an easy-to-use user interface providing clear channels for bettors to place wagers.

You set limits, adjust wagering lines, manage accounts and monitor the general activity of your clients. 

Premier helps bring the books back into the hands of small-time bookmakers so they can work better. 

What Else Does PPH Software Do

Our software is extremely mobile friendly. As a result, that means users and bookies can monitor wages on-the-go at any point in time.

Keep your PPH sportsbook or racebook organized and give your clients the easiest experience. 

Premier doesn’t stop at software, though. We understand that not all of our customers have the resources to address user issues or customer inquiries. 

Our customer support agents have placed bets, taken bets, and everything in between.

Our Experience Speaks For Itself

Premier’s representatives know well the problems that often plague bookies and their clients. Catapult your bookie websites into the modern age, and check us out.

We’re offering a 2-week free trial because we understand how big of a risk you’re enduring. You’re trusting us to provide the tools to manage your business.

Finally, bookies everywhere at any level, can use our online pay per head services to reach a wider clientele.

Also, the user interface is streamlines and you’ll receive high-class customer service anytime, anywhere. Your free trial is just a click away.