Florida Drops Charges Against Bookie Gambling Ring Attorney

Florida Finally Drops Charges Against Gambling Ring Leader Attorney

The U.S. State of Florida is finally agreeing to drop the charges that were leveled against a local attorney who was accused of leading a group of pay per head people thought to have taken part in the massive loss of $300 million.

According to court documents, Kelly Mathis, an attorney from Jacksonville was arraigned in count back in 2013 for having a hand in the possession of illegal slot machines.

The documents indicate that Mr. Mathis was a leader of a ring of people who were found in possession of illegal gambling machines.

Following his arrest, Mathis was taken to court together with a few of his accomplices.

Although his case was heard and determined then, it emerged that there was not done enough online bookie software investigations.

However, before his charges were dropped, Mathis had spent some time in prison because during the earlier hearing, it was clear that he was involved in the possession and racketeering of slot machines.

His involvement in the racketeering together with the possession of the illegal machines caused the abrupt resignation of Jennifer Carrol, the Lt. Gov.

It, was however unclear how Mathis’ illegal slot machine possession and racketeering that deprived pay per head operators a chance to create genuine income caused the resignation of Ms. Carrol.

What is, however, known, is that he was actually the one taking the lead in all the dirty and black business of running a premise that stored illegal slot machines. This was the reason he was given the 6-year jail sentence.

Mr. Mathis, who was initially found guilty of more than 103 counts of possession and racketeering slot machines and awarded a sentence of 6 years, got a relief in mid last year when a Court of Appeal pardoned his sentence.

On what seemed to be a fresh and lenient ruling of the case involving a notorious ring leader, the Court of Appeal decided that charges leveled against Mathis be dropped.

When giving the reason why Mathis should be let loose, the court statement said, “The charges leveled against Kelly Mathis should therefore be dropped with immediate effect because during the initial court hearings, his legal team was never allowed a chance to bring to the floor of the court certain witness who would have shed more light to the case. Therefore, the court decided in haste without factoring in sufficient evidence, which would help in the comprehensive ruling.”

Nick Cox, the Statewide Prosecutor confirmed that charges against Mathis had to be dropped because Florida’s gambling laws have taken a different direction.

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