Feds Launch Money Laundering Probe Shutting Down Bicycle Casino

Feds Launch Money Laundering Probe, Indefinitely Shutting Down Bicycle Casino
While following online tips of money laundering claims, federal agents have made a swift move, which is aimed at containing any act of money laundering as well as ensuring financial security of gamblers.

Federal agents did this on Tuesday when they moved in to indefinitely close down a bicycle casino in Los Angles.

The agents were acting on a tip from an anonymous client who gave them a call saying that the casino which installs among other modern software, pay per head, which will even be easier for the agents to access the information in case of any misconduct.

Homeland Security Investigations as well as the FBI have confirmed that there was indeed a raid at the premises, which led to the indefinite shutting down of the gaming resort.

During the raid, many people who had checked in were busy enjoying their games when federal agents took to the floor asking everyone to leave the premise because they were going to conduct a sweep.

During the raid, it was not immediately established whether or not the owners or anyone from the executive to speak of the raid.

However, officials from the agency who are not authorized to speak in behalf of the feds said that the intention of the raid was to investigate claims that there were illegal activities surrounding the laundering of ‘illegally’ acquired money.

The undisclosed sources also highlighted that although it is early to speak of any possible allegations, the agents are looking into the possibility of a few individuals who are familiar with the resort to exchange dirty money in behalf of the club.

Following the shutting down of the gaming resort, many people who are regular clients to the facility are now suspecting that someone from the inside might be responsible for a dirty offense.

Whether the resort will resume soon or later, it is a matter of time and the outcome of the probe that has just started.

The casino is not the first one to be shut down following claims that there is dirty business going on. In recent days, a number of casinos have been suspected to tolerate illegal business going on inside their premises. Some have been closed for a much longer time when it emerged that indeed there were some dirty business.

Just last week, feds descended on a gaming resort in an American land near the Philippines that was collecting huge amounts of money in revenue but did not give anything as tax.


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