How To Start a Bookie Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Premier’s FAQ page, where you’ll hopefully find the quick answers to some of our most commonly asked questions like “How To Start A Bookie Business“. If you’re only interested in the bigger questions, like “How To Become a Bookie Agent”, then we invite you to check out our blog page that tackles some of the industry’s more interesting aspects.

Check out the questions below, and if we haven’t answered your issue, then feel free to call, text, email, or direct message our 24/7 call center. If you weren’t helped here, our staff will surely offer you the solutions you’re looking for!

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Our company and staff have been operating offshore for nearly 14 years. However, when considering our company holistically, our employees have over 100 years of combined bookmaking experience. We’ve made sure your support staff is comprised of only the most knowledgeable and professional experts in the industry.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our office, as well as our servers, are located in Costa Rica. While we do operate our business remotely, all our clients can still access our sports bookie website from anywhere in the world should they have any questions or concerns regarding your sportsbook. Moreover, our 24/7 customer support call center is located within the United States, so language barriers are no an issue.

Q: What is the minimum number of players needed to start?

A: The great thing about our betting website software is that we have NO minimum. Call us now to get started: 800-685-6409

Q: What software platform do you offer?

A: We offer both DGS and ASI Sportsbook software and our casino software is powered through Global Games International. We’ve found that both these providers work very well, and offer a competitive user experience for our clients’ players. But, clients will also receive access to our 24/7 customer support center as part of their software bundle purchase.

Q: Do you have Live in-game wagering?

A: Yes, we have a large offering of in-house live in-game wagering across all sports and leagues. Our live wagering platform is not offered at any other Pay Per Head companies. We created our own platform to meet the needs of all pay per head clients. Your players should have absolutely no issue placing live wagers as events unfold, but as the bookie in charge of the operation, you have options to set limits and other restrictions on these features.

Q: Do you offer a mobile platform?

A: We have a custom mobile application for our sports, casino, and race books that are easily accessible, very user-friendly, and offer live wagering options for all your players. Our goal is to provide the best one-stop-shop portal for all bookie matters from anywhere in the world, on any device: desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Q: How much can I customize the limits and settings for my players?

A: Using our betting software for bookies, you’ll have full control over what limits and settings you want on a player by player basis. This can include anything from determining player odds for a specific event to privately messaging any player or closing/opening their account at your own discretion.

Q: Do you offer a casino?

A: Yes, through our online sportsbook software, we offer a virtual casino for both desktop and mobile applications. You’ll be able to set up events on any major game, including poker, roulette, and blackjack, with options for live casino play.

Q: Do you have a Live casino?

A: Yes, we do, and we do not take a percentage of your earnings. Our business model is based upon the pay per head model, meaning we don’t touch your players’ winnings or your own. Instead, we simply charge a small commission per each of your active players.