Deeper Look At Pay Per Head Sites

What Are The Advantages To Having A Pay Per Head Site?

Over the past few years, the way we bet online has been changing. Thanks to certain software providers, ordinary members of the public have become empowered to become bookmakers in an increasingly liberal US market, states providing naturally. This is entirely thanks to pay per head betting software.

Online bookmakers rely on pay per head software to keep their business functioning without issue. The services these systems provide allow bookmakers to take onboard clients and settle bets in one swift transaction, meaning that that the bookmakers do not have to record bets in an outdated manner in this technical – and legal – new era.

So, instead of taking a phone call from a would-be gambler, a bookmaker can now instead choose to direct his clients to his pay per head site, where bets can be recorded, tracked, and totaled on time, saving time, money and effort for you, the bookmaker.

Common Place And Standard Practice

The really great news is that, more and more, regular folk are also opening sportsbooks of their own and running them using this software. By carving out a career as their own bookmaker, they are taking charge of their own future and becoming their own boss all at the same time, and all from the comfort of their own home without braving the dreaded commute to the office each day.

This has all been made possible by pay per head software, which means using bookmaking software on a player-by-player basis at a cost per bettor, hence the term pay per head sites. In exchange for a reasonable fee per user, potential sportsbook operators can enjoy many benefits from the software provider, which they can embed in their product and pass on to the user.

Different pay per head sites offer different services, and you are free to select whichever type of service you wish or can afford.

Crucially, pay per head sites do not process any monies themselves, but rather just provide a place for players and bookies alike to record all bets. As said bookie, you can expect to receive real-time reports giving you an overall view of all the bets placed by your clients and what they are winning, along with any other relevant information.

What Types Of Bet Can I Offer?

Another great thing about pay per head software is that it is able to provide a huge range of wagering options for your bettors to choose from each day. Bookies can provide betting options on football, soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, rugby, Formula 1, darts, snooker, pool, boxing, UFC, cricket, and even lifestyle subjects such as financials and politics to TV and entertainment.

Using a pay per head system, you will be able to offer straight-up single bets and accumulators, pre-event or live and in-play, on all sports, e-Sports, and horse racing meetings with cash-out options.

Enhance Productivity And Profits

Fully customizable pay per head betting software is designed to enhance productivity, and with it, any profits generated in the online wagering business acquired. This software can either be added to an existing site or come provided with an oven-ready website to go live straight away.

And, what’s more, the front-end dashboards are super simple to use, while tracking bettors’ accounts at the same time.

This, I think you agree, helps to make sportsbook management not only possible and efficient but also easy. Plus, with the advancements made each year in technology, the quality and efficiency of pay per head betting software is increasing as well.

The software often comes with automated accounting as a feature, meaning each and every transaction by your set of bettors is properly documented. This way, operators can manage player betting activity while all earnings, profits, and losses alike will be automatically documented and stored on updated records safe and neatly online.

Presence On The Internet

By employing pay per head systems, bookmakers are now able to have an online presence on the internet, which will in turn invite traffic to their website, which, if attractive enough, will convert some of those visitors into potential customers.

So long as the site is fully functioning while providing a reliable betting service to its core customer base, these bettors are far more likely to want to return and play regularly, providing repeat business in the process.

Plus, happy customers that leave satisfied, or better still amazed, will likely tell their friends and family about their experience too, allowing your pay per head service to grow further still. More online players to your betting site means greater revenue for the business naturally.

Of course, poor service delivery will provide the complete opposite outcome, so it’s important to get this right.

24-Hour Operation

Because you will be offering odds on international events, for example, the English Premier League (EPL) soccer or international tennis and golf majors, players will require an international time zone-friendly, round-the-clock betting experience to be provided also.

This is especially true now that, according to reports, around 72 percent of the online bets placed are done on mobile-friendly sites using smartphones, enhancing the popularity of online betting further still through the nature of its convenience.

The increasing influence of cell phones in our lives is, of course, down to improved mobile technology, greater smartphone exposure, and the spread of Wi-Fi networks, which have allowed cellphone betting to take over the sports betting industry even if desktop betting still offers quality and convenient betting as well.

Bear this in mind when creating your pay per head site. Pay per head betting software should accommodate bettors using their tablets, PCs, and smartphones, the latter of which will need any sportsbooks to cater for either Android phones or Apple’s iPhone alternative if they are to be successful.

The best software must provide one-stop solutions for all your needs and allow users to place bets at any time and, equally as important, anywhere. Nail that, and you’ll be an online gaming winner in no time at all.


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