How Bookies Can Capitalize On The FIFA 2018 World Cup

world cup 2018 and your pph sportsbook

The FIFA 2018 World Cup is the worlds second largest sporting contest (second only to the Olympics).

For those of you that are not on the bandwagon, you should get on. One of the reasons being the recent law change for gambling in the U.S. It will still be big despite the fact that this year the USA did not get through to the finals. Betting on the 2018 world cup is expected to be the biggest to date yet.

It’s just 2 weeks until the first game kicks off. Now is the time to go about warming up your customers and get them excited about the world cup and anxious to be betting on the games. The first step would be to use your email list and start to build some excitement around the games. Remind them there is great opportunity for them to win big money by betting on the right teams.

You could create your own world cup team form guide to give your customers a brief run down of the performance. Show them the biggest teams and what their chances are of winning Soccer’s biggest prize. Emphasize the fact that your customers have the ability to ‘bet in-play’. This will do wonders for your wager rates as people love the fact that they can bet once the game has already started.

Make sure that you make good use of your messaging functionality. It can bring attention to certain price points or games that could really interest them. Also, run some sort of promotion to entice people to deposit money and get betting over the world cup.


Make Full Use Of Your Pay Per Head Client Lists

During the world cup you should be making full use of your email list. Especially to those customers who have previously placed wagers on Soccer. Every day, make sure you send out a daily email which details the games that are due to be playing for that day. Where possible, add in a link which will take them directly to their player dashboards. They will then be able to get involved straight away. Make sure that the daily email is sent at a good time for the players to see it.


Your PPH Sportsbook Multi Bet And Parlay Options

You should also considering building multi bet and parlay options for your customers. This is an excellent opportunity for you the bookie to bring in a lot of capital and increase the excitement factor for players. Some of the most popular types of Parlay bets for the world cup are to wager on which teams will go through from the group stages. For example, the last 16 and also which teams will proceed to the semi-finals.

The reality is the world cup always bring in surprises. The gambler will have the opportunity to make a great deal of money from this type of bet. However, the odds are very much in favor of the bookie. For information, we do also have a post which will help you understand how to increase user engagement when using Premiers pay per head solution.


Get Your Clients And Get Started

Start making your plans now for getting your customers involved in the FIFA World Cup. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a bookie to cash in on the huge global hype that is surrounding the tournament. We would recommend that you spend the next week planning how you want to promote to your customers. From there you should be looking at drip feeding emails and building customer interest 7 days before kick off of the first game.

As we get closer to the tournament we’ll post hints and tips so that you can capitalize on the world cup. And finally, let’s not forget the other upcoming major sporting events of the summer.

The 2018 World Cup is set to be an amazing sports event. Take advantage of it as bookie the right way. Sign up for a free trial before the 2018 World Cup begins.

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