Premier Pay Per Head Software Call Center Solutions

As a sports bookmaking agent, the main concern that you have with your Pay Per Head service is how well they can manage your customer’s accounts. A smooth running operation is built on happy and satisfied customers that can make deposits and withdrawals with ease while placing all of their sports wagers in a timely fashion.

For the past 14 years, Premier Price Per Head Sportsbooks has established itself as a leader in the PPH industry because of our commitment to providing the best customer service possible through a highly trained and experienced team of representatives that run our call center. These people all have extensive knowledge of the sports betting industry and they fully understand the importance of handling your customer’s account in a timely and professional manner.

Not only does Premier Per Head has the best call center staff in the PPH industry, we have also made a sizable investment in the latest technology and state-of-the-art sports gaming software to run our operation. As an independent agent, you can rest assured that your sports bookmaking business is in the best hands possible when it comes to running the administrative side of things.

To compete against the big online sportsbooks in this highly competitive industry as an independent agent is a tough thing to do, but Premier Per Head’s software solutions are designed to completely level the playing field. This allows you to use your marketing skills and personal touch to differentiate your bookmaking business from the large, impersonal sportsbooks that are trying to manage thousands of accounts.

About Premier Pay Per Head Software Call Center Solutions

Some of the features and benefits of our call center’s PPH software solutions include ease of use for both yourself and your customers. From making deposits to placing bets, all transactions are processed in a seamless fashion with complete customer satisfaction as our primary goal. Our sports gaming software is also completely customizable to create a unique online presence for your bookmaking operation. Most importantly, our PPH software has been designed with dozens of security measures that ensure that all online transactions are conducted in a safe and secure environment.

Premier Pay Per Head Software Call Center Solutions

A PPH service is only as good as the sports gaming software it employs and that should always be your top priority as an independent sports bookmaking agent. Premier Per Head is proud to say that we take this to heart and we are constantly updating and improving our PPH software solutions to stay way ahead of the curve and in the forefront of the PPH industry.


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