Be A Bookie Agent 101: A Crash Course To Success

become a bookie agent and learn from Premier PPH

So You Want To Be A Bookie Agent?

The Hollywood image-shaping of a bookie agent generally involves some central figure swept up in mob activity or game fixing and a get-rich-quick plan. Of course, in the end, the character learns the error of their ways. Well, like they say, you can’t believe everything you see on tv.

The fact is normal everyday people enjoy sports wagering, from construction workers to medical practitioners.  And so, the demand is high for people willing to book all that action. After all, there are only so many functioning sportsbook casinos in the US. So it’s no surprise the number of businesses offering price per head services has expanded dramatically.

While the profitability in this industry can be tasty, it can also go sour fast. Like any business, becoming a bookie isn’t all flowers and sunshine. has been in the business long enough to know the tasks required to be successful. And so, they’ve put together this list of what it takes to be a bookie and what you can expect from a top-level PPH service like Premier.

What A Bookie Agent Must Carry Out.

Price per head sites like do a great deal of labor, allowing you to focus on your end of the bargain. Let’s take a look at what that entails.

  • Finding Clients and 1 on 1 Dealings: Putting boots to the street and hustling up players is one of the biggest challenges to being a bookie agent. It doesn’t matter how great the service is, if you can’t get guys to commit, you’ll never prosper. In the same token, once you get your guys on board, you have to continue to keep them happy. Premier definitely does its part offering an elite-level pay per head platform, but no marriage survives long without both partners all in.
  • Riding that Wave and Care Taking Your Brand: So, part of being all in means accepting that there are going to be ups and downs. It’s true there can be a lot of skill in handicapping games, but lady luck often makes her presence felt. So, you can expect some good weeks and some bad. You have to be able to manage your bank and withstand both extremes. Otherwise you aren’t for long in this game. Pay up when your clients win. With the fast nature of today’s world, word does get around. That’s the cost of business and how you create a brand that will attract more players with each new year. Of course, don’t be a hardhead and keep guys around that can’t lose. Take a lesson from Vegas; cash them out and shut it down.
  • Making Your First Big Choice: Whenever you decide to take the first plunge, or you’re already an experience bookie agent looking to upgrade your service, finding the best shop for your other leg work. Premier emphasizes customer service time and again. But your clients will mostly see your website. When they log in at odd hours looking for any action, are there offerings? Can your players log in at kickoff? Is the website user friendly? Do halftime lines come up timely? These are all seemingly small questions that accumulate into something much greater, and they will make or break you. But believe it or not, when those four questions result in a yes, you’ve got something special. Great companies invest a lot of time and money into those issues so that they aren’t one for you. That’s what you get when you hook up with a service like Premier Per Head. It allows you to focus on getting more clients and keeping them happy.


What Premier Per Head Can Do For You.

So, you’ve made your choice, now let’s run down what you “should” get if your decision was wise.

  • Reduced Overhead: Top-shelf sites are an all-in-one service that includes casino, horses, sports, call-center, customer service, IT and web development. They take a 6 figure business investment and convert it into a turn-key operation that can be funded with what’s in your wallet. Some places like Premier even go an extra mile with award winning features like its VIP Live Wagering platform. The Holy Grail of the industry, you’ll have something “your” competition can’t reach.
  • Accurate and Diverse Lines: Monitoring sports news and betting volume is just part of what you get with Premier. So, of course, they have the most accurate lines around. Player injuries and sharp money keep linemakers on their toes. It’s only the shops that are unprepared that get caught off guard. You don’t stay in this business very long if you’re behind the 8-ball. But its not only sharp lines you get with Eventually, you’ll run into clients that will only bet on reduced juice lines or if those lines are in sync with some reputable casino. Normally, those would be big requests. However, Premier makes them with a simple click of a button because they’ve already done the job. Their diverse product that will satisfy a wide range of needs.
  • Monitoring and Risk Management: Staying on top of your clients betting activity and patterns is an everyday challenge. Players demand 24 hour action, which Premier guarantees. But what you also get is a robust bookie agent platform to be able to track all of your players balances and how they came about. A lot of sites will just throw you a list of plays or a final balance and call it a day. Premier takes it to a whole other level. Their agent reports simplify very complex tasks. You can track where players are logging in from and how often. Or check how good of a capper they are. If you think you’ve got a sharp player on your hands, you can limit his line availability to when you feel comfortable. This is especially helpful at the start of a week when player injuries are still being sorted out. Or you can get alerts when certain bettors come in. These are tasks that would take hours of effort or continuous monitoring. Premier has already put in that work so you don’t have to. It’s just a few clicks away.


As you can see, being a bookie agent has its challenges. Public demand grows and the rewards can be great. But you have to put in the work and have a first-rate PPH service backing you all the way. You want to be a successful bookie agent in this industry? Come see what all the fuss is about at