Billy Walters Trial: Prostitutes, Gambling Debts Take Center Stage

Billy Walters Trial: Prostitutes, Gambling Debts Take Center Stage
In his Day 2 testimony, the man who has been associated with professional pay per head tips on insider trading has confessed to committing various vices in his life.

The man has confessed that his life has been filled with gambling debts, theft, especially from charity that is given to those women who have been battered, and prostitution.

Tomas Davis, who at one time was a Dean Foods chairperson said that he even went as far as introducing his long-time friend Billy to join him it the buying of stock from a company Davis helmed in Dallas.

Davis, 68, confessed that apart from giving Walters professional sports ‘consultancy’ on how to sign up for pay per head software, betting tips and developing golf courses, he also encouraged him to consider buying stock in Dallas.

Thomas said that in order for him to cover for the numerous losses he had from various gambling facilities, he had to try as much as he could and whatever means no matter what to raise money. Whether it meant stealing or engaging in prostitution, online bookie software, whatever would settle his current problem, he would freely engage in it.

As part of the shocking confession, Davis told court proceedings that he would spend long hours with Walters whenever they had a chance to do so.

“During all these time, we could talk about Dean Foods. Around this time, the company was going through a spin off,” Davis said.

All these things happened for a relatively short time, only a few months from 2011 to 2012.

On what seemed to be a surprising visit to Mr. Davis, in May 2014, while in Dallas, he received two visitors. After a short exchange of greetings, and a ‘small talk’, he came to realize who the two real were-agents from FBI!

They informed him that for three months from May 2012 to August 2012, Mr. Walters earned himself approximately $17 million. That money, according to the FBI, was earned thanks to the trades Walters did that involved Dean Foods.

However, it emerged that Davis testified in order to gain leniency from the federal charge against him to which he had on an earlier occasion pleaded guilty. No matter what, he faces wire fraud and securities charges.

On what may seem as a shift of blames, Davis said on his Tuesday testimony that it was because of Walters’ friendship that he came to associated himself with Carl Icaln, Trump’s long-time friend cum advisor.

In mentioning those notable names in the gaming industry, he tried to convince the court to believe that he was innocent.

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