Online Sports Betting Still Considered Illegal In Washington

Online Sports Betting Still Considered Illegal In Washington
In spite of all the advancement in online sports betting, it is a shame that in the State of Washington, you would be liable for a crime if found guilty of participating in online sports gambling.

This is even after nationwide evidence that online bookies are making good money thanks to pay per head software.

Apart from making good money, bookmakers have created employment to a section of American population and bookies are paying tax.

However, with such good reasons that will interest any serious investor who wants to give clients the best of their online activity, Washington State is giving a blind eye.

Hitherto, you will be liable of committing Class C felony if found guilty of taking part in any form of online sports gambling.

According to market observers, the state is doing all these, intimidating innocent citizens just to stand in solidarity with operators of Tribal casinos.

Whether this is of importance to the state than the legalizing of online sports gambling, which will give birth to investment in pay per head sites and various sportsbooks, nobody knows. However, one thing is clear: responsible stakeholders in the State of Washington have not given the online sports gambling a thought.

If they did, they are likely to realize how much they will fetch in form of tax from sportsbook solution providers who would have established themselves within the state. That way, the state would have enough money to fund her projects as well as enable some of the bookies give back to societies they hail from.

Some people are arguing that if only the state would consider the pride, which is associated with Gonzaga winning its first NCCA Championship after losing one match during the regular season, it would not hesitate to legalize online sports gambling as other states across the U.S.

It should be remembered that a few sportsbooks are accepting bets from Washington residents. However, with a majority not accepting, means that there is dire need for bookie with a local bearing.

Besides, there are many other reasons why the State of Washington should reconsider its firm stance on the prohibition of online sports betting. Modern technological advancement such as pay per head software, which makes it easier for bookie and gamblers to communicate as well as the ever-increasing demand for the online version of betting are enough to convince state authorities to reevaluate its many years’ stance on online gambling.

Even when the law is clear on online betting, there is no record of anyone who has ever been charged with the offense.

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