The 10 Best – Pay Per Head Sportsbook Reviews For 2018

premier pay per head sportsbook reviews

Let’s dive right into this list of pay per head sportsbook reviews…

There could be many reasons why you came across this article. Chances are it’s because you know that pay per head is the best way to start your own bookie business.

You’re looking for the best pay per head companies that offer their services to you. In this article we give you a rundown of the top 10 best pay per head sites that are currently on the market and what their service offerings can do to help your business.

Of course some of these businesses are our competitors. But… competition is a good thing so we’re more than happy to give credit where credit is deserved.

If you don’t know a lot about Pay Per Head and exactly what it entails then you can read this article about the advantages of using Pay Per Head as a way to get your bookie business set up in no time at all.

So, let’s get on with the top 10 roundup so you can see exactly who we believe are the top 10 best pay per head sites offering services in the industry and why.


Our View On The Top 10 Best Pay Per Head Sites For 2018

1. PremierPerHead

Premier Per Head Logo

The team behind Premier Per Head has been in this industry for over 20 years.  They have spent not only vast amounts of money, but many man hours and consultations to develop the best Pay Per Head Solution in the industry.

Aside from the first class customer support that you and your customers receive, you also get access to the experienced management team who there to help you make your business be successful.

Your customers will be amazed by the offering supplied by Premier Per Head. Not only will they have options to bet on sports from all around the world, they also have the option to bet ‘in play’.

This is not only an amazing enhancement to the player experience but it also provides you, the bookie with an amazing money making opportunity.

Premier Per Head has a team of expert odds makers that are there to ensure the bookie, stays one step ahead of the gamblers to ensure that you are offering odds that are not only fair but truly relevant to the game in hand.

With an all English speaking customer support center you know that your customers are always in good hands. The support staff is there to aid your customers and also take bets over the phone where necessary.

They also have access to a fully functioning casino where players can play online, any time of day or night. These include roulette, blackjack and poker.

When you look for premier pay per head reviews online, you always see great things from the bookies that work with them.

Doesn’t matter which pay per head sportsbook reviews you read, we’re your best choice.

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2. Top Pay Per Head

Top Pay Per Head Logo

If you are looking to get setup instantly then Top Pay Per Head is way ahead of the field. You can literally decide which package you want to go for, fill in your details and sign up. Within minutes you will have a custom website that you can send your customers too, access to advanced technology in the back end of the software and a first rate product that your customers can use.

Much like Premier Per Head, Top Pay Per Head also offer their customers a very advanced betting platform, with live betting and the online casino. Top Pay Per Head services also start from an incredible $4 per month, which for the level of service and software offerings is absolutely amazing.

Top pay per head reviews are again very positive. People love the way that you can literally be up and running in minutes. Normally when you think there will be some catch when you get a service for this price and speed, but there literally is no catch. This is why Top Pay Per Head get our “best of the rest” award. Congratulations to them!

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3. Lion Pay Per Head

Lion Pay Per Head LogoLion Pay Per Head are a relatively new player in the field, however they have hit the ground running by ensuring that from the outset their offerings are of the highest quality.

Much like some of the more established companies, Lion are also offering an all encompassing Sportsbook and Racebook as well as an online casino. To sign up with Lion you simply visit their website and fill in the form. One of their managers will then get in contact with you to help you get setup. Aside from getting your first 2 weeks free, you will also get custom made sportsbook and casino website that you can thoroughly impress your clients with.

While Lion Pay Per Head have not been around for all that long, reviews about them are extremely positive. For a relative newbie to be up at position 3 is quite some accolade. There are not a huge amount of reviews for them because they have only been around for a short time, however those that are around are glowing endorsements of their product and service.

These guys are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Although they’re young, they’re worthy of their spot in our list of Pay Per Head Sportsbook Reviews.

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IDSCA (International Data Solutions) is a popular pay per head platform. They have been around since 1997 so have established a strong client base over these years. Much like the leading sites above, IDSCA offer an all-inclusive service which allows the customers to sign up and everything else is taken care of. As one of the original service providers in this market, there is no doubt that IDSCA will be a sound choice for your business.

5. 24-7 Bookies

You may or may not of heard of these guys. They have been around for quite some time. They have a great infrastructure with highly secure software and a great team behind the product. Just looking at reviews of the services of 24-7 bookies have been positive. Most customers are impressed with the overall security of the product and, much like the sites above, they also have a wide range of options for the customers which will keep them engaged. As you would expect from all of these top end pay per head services they allow you to stay in full control of your business at all times.

6. RealBookies

Real Bookies are a business that have been around for quite some time and have built a business through longevity and a being a trustworthy company. While there are cheaper services such as Top Pay Per Head, but they don’t advertise themselves as the cheapest. You find that this company prefer to work at the higher price end of the market and let their customer service do the work for them. As an option, as long as you are not trying to find the cheapest option then Real Bookies are a good option for you.

7. PerHead

PerHead are a well-established company. You will see from other PPH reviews that they are another good choice for both bettors and bookies. Like those above, they have had accolades from PPH reviews. This is another company that understands that the customer is most important. Their customer support is good and you can be surer that you can build a profitable company in a relatively small amount of time.

8. DollarPerHead

Much like the providers we have rated above them, they have good reviews for their services. As you would expect from a top end service provider. Much like the pay per head providers above them they have a great infrastructure to ensure that their services are quick and secure. The pay per head market does require a lot of investment from the service providers to ensure that all those gambling through their software always have access to their accounts and to phone support. Much the same as we have done here at premier per head, DollarPerHead have also invested heavily in technology to ensure that customer can rely on a secure and stable online service.

9. Sharp Bookies

Sharp Bookies are fairly new to the game in comparison to the other companies we have mentioned here. They too though have recognised the need for speed and security in the pay per head market. Their pricing structure works a bit differently to most other PPH Providers but for smaller operators with a very limited amount of players it is another option worth considering. Again, where you search around for PPH Reviews then the chances are you will find good things said which is why they have made the top 10 best PPH sites list.

10. Standard Per Head

Last but not least, standard per head have made it into this year’s top 10 best pay per head sites based on a sound product and good service. Just looking for pay per head reviews of StandardPerHead will show up good reviews from happy customers. Again, this particular business has not been around all that long, but they have created a product with the most important features such as mobile friendly betting, fully functioning sportsbook, Racebook and casino and also the much in demand live  in-game wagering.

We hope that you found this post on the top 10 best pay per head sites in 2018 useful and hopefully the summaries of each of the companies will give you a good broad overview of the offerings from each of them. At we are confident that our product and services are the best in the market which is why we have no problem at all giving other companies praise where praise is due. So, if you would like to start your own bookie business then take us up on our 4 week free trial so you can see for yourself exactly how exciting and profitable is to run your own bookies.