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When you’re searching for the perfect tool for being a bookie, you should lean towards an excellent service that offers you a great pay per head free trial. Don’t just look for the best service.

You should also look for the best sportsbook software solution that fits you best. Utilizing  and maximizing our free pay per head free trial to it’s greatest potential is extremely important. Why you ask? Because you get to keep all the profits you make during your free trial of our #1 rated PPH sportsbook software.

We Don’t Just Sell It, We Use It

“Eat your own dog food” is an old term used many forms of marketing and advertising. One of the main reasons the Premier Pay Per Head free trial was created was because the founder of this company tried the rest. We used the rest to see where the Pay Per Head industry was headed.

Oh boy were we disappointed. So what did we do? We took all the great benefits of what’s out there and added all the amazing extras missing in the Bookie Sportsbook Software industry. Who better than the bookies themselves to create the #1 Pay Per Head Free Trial?

One of our amazing account managers will set you up with a free trial as an agent. To top it off, we’ll  also set you up with a player account. There’s no better way to experience your free pay per head trial. As a smart agent, you’ll see all the betting options that Premier PPH has to offer.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how we have some of the sharpest lines in the industry. Also, while accessing the portal as a player, you’ll get an idea as to how the games are graded.

If you put in bets in the test account as a player, it won’t cost you anything, so you can test as much as you want. You’ll enjoy knowing that your players will have access to every sport our per head service offers.

But don’t just stop there. Maximize your experience further by placing parlays, round robins, teasers, prop bets, reverses and “if win or tie bets”. Take advantage of your pay per head free trial and truly test it all!

Pay Per Head Performance Power

On the topic of testing all aspects of your account, there’s no better time to do it than during a busy hour. A good example would be to start during the hour before kickoff on football Sundays and even go all the way to half time.

We know that quality control isn’t just about the price per head products we deliver but also the platform on which they sit. If you go to another PPH provider and you experience slow loading times, that should be enough reason alone to leave. Come experience the pay per head free trial backed the pros themselves.

Premier has the bandwidth and the brains to keep your bookie business going strong no matter where you or your players are. A free trial is fantastic but maximizing the use of it is even better.

Unreliable pay per head services just treat you like some number. Avoid the pitfalls of jumping from service to service and frustrating your players. Don’t lose your players to another bookie and start with your Premier Pay Per Head free trial right now!