Pay Per Head Benefits To Users And Bookies

If you are thinking about starting your own sportsbook and looking for the most cost effective way to do it then this guide will tell you everything that you need to know.

Up until not too long ago offering online betting was only available to businesses and individuals who had very deep pockets. However, the gambling world is changing in a big way with the introduction of Pay Per Head software providers.

Essentially Pay Per Head is where we, as the software developers have created a cutting edge system alike to what you would find used by the multinational betting and casino websites. The difference is you can have access to that software for your customers but you only pay a small fee per active user on your service.

As the software creators and operators we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of our cutting edge systems to ensure that not only do your customers get the amazing user experience that they are looking for, but in addition your business has one of the most comprehensive management portals to available.

Pay Per Head Benefits To Users

There are literally too many benefits to list for pay per head services, but here we are going to list what we have found to be the most popular from our customers.

  1. The ability to place bets any time, any place. As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to log into your account and place your wagers as and when you want.
  2. The ability to bet “in-play”. This is an extremely popular function with our users. Most users may see an opportunity when a game has started and with in-play betting your players will be able to place bets during as well as before the game.
  3. Top end support for your customer. When you sign up with Premier Per Head, not only are you getting the top of the line software for your customers to use, they also have access to a fully English speaking support team who can help with your customers queries on the phone and even take wagers over phone if necessary.
  4. Multi Sport Coverage. So many pay per head operators don’t give you a wide range of games that you are able to bet on. When you use premier per head, you will be able to give your customer the opportunity to bet on just about any sport that is ongoing or upcoming. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer (both national and international) and even the horses.
  5.  Fully functioning mobile casino. This is something that has grown in popularity of the last few years. As a customer when their sports aren’t playing they tend to disappear, but when you give them access to an amazing online casino with all of the top games, not only does it keep their interest but also offers them a chance to win money and you as a bookie a chance to profit while they are not directly wagering sports and races.


Pay Per Head Benefits For Bookies

Not only has our pay per head software been designed to provide your users with an amazing user experience, but it is our mission also to make sure that you success. Why? Well, if you succeed, so do we!

To that end, we have created a truly amazing management console that will allow you to keep full control over every little aspect of your business. A few bullet points below will show you the pay per head benefits for bookies themselves.

  1. No financial outlay necessary to build custom software for your business. The small price per head of your active users is all you pay. Even if you are not sure from the outset you can try out Free Trial to see for yourself how well our software can work for you.
  2. Complete control over player limits. With premier pay per head you are able to apply limits as a general overview for your clients, or if you want to allow special limits for certain clients then that can be done as well.
  3. Fast Moving Lines! We believe that we have the sharpest lines of all pay per head services. So what does this mean for you the bookie? Well, as a bookie you will understand the theory of betting lines which means you will understand that the quicker your lines move then the better for your profitability.
  4. Payment Discretion. We all understand that the laws regarding online betting are wide and varied dependent on where you are from. But, for your convenience we provide complete and discreet payment options via bitcoin.
  5. First class support. Our team have been operating in the sports betting market for many years and we know fully how to get you to running a very profitable online sportsbook. You know you will be supported by the best as we mentioned before, your success is our success.
  6. A Hands Off product. By this, we mean that aside from monitoring your lines and customers our support team do everything else for you. Literally, there is no need for you to be hanging off a phone the entire day. Simply keep an eye on your management console and enjoy the serene profitability of a Pay Per Head software service like Premier Per head.


Hopefully by reading this page you have a better idea about what Premier Per Head can do for you and your business!