Are You Prepared For Wimbledon 2018

Wimbledon 2018

With the FIFA World Cup now well and truly underway and bookies have enthused their clientele into following it closely and they have seen a lot of activity with people placing wagers left, right and centre to get in on the action.

However, now that those people are fully engaged with the World Cup, it is time to start thinking about the next big event that is coming up. On July 2nd the worlds most watched grand slam tennis tournament starts and that is Wimbledon 2018.

For two weeks we see some of the best grass court action that is played throughout the world and there will be some expected wins but almost every year we see a big upset where one of the top seeds will drop out of the tournament unexpectedly.

As it is only two weeks away now is the best chance to start reaching out to your customers and getting them to start getting involved with planning wagers. For a bookie tennis is good in respect to the fact there is always just one winner and no draws.

Current champions Roger Federer and Garbine Muguruza are both on form however they are likely to see fierce competition from both Raphael Nadal and Simona Halep who are both currently on fire and ranked number one on the ATP rankings.

British favourite and previous world number one Andy Murray is an outside bet due to the fact he has been out of action with injury for over six months and is currently playing at the Queens club tournament as his first return since injury.

Another good thing about the Wimbledon tennis tournament is the fact that is broadcast throughout the world on various different sporting channels. It is to be a sport that people either love it or hate it however there is no denying is incredibly popular.

While the well Will undoubtedly take the majority of the viewing figures there are a lot of people that simply don’t like soccer so those that are not betting on the World Cup you should perhaps think about pushing them to place wagers on Wimbledon.

Of course there are lots of different opportunities for your customers to be placing wagers. The most common is when people place a wager on the overall winner because right the beginning of the tournament they get better odds. However, there are lots of opportunities such as parlay bets for which players will get through to the last 16, last eight, last for and of course the last two.

Wimbledon is one of the tournaments where a lot of people may automatically back the seeds but more often than not in the last 16 there will be players which you would highly expect them not to make it that far. However, Wimbledon tennis tournament is a different animal to most and it always sees surprises.

So with two weeks to go now is the time to start going through the line-ups and thinking of ways that you can create parlays that will entice your customers to start placing bets with you. Of course, we are always here to help so any help you do need to get in touch.