How Average Bookies Become Amazing PPH Sportsbook Agents

how average bookies become pph sportsbook agents

A Quick Way Average Bookies Become Awesome PPH Sportsbook Agents

When bookies start their own online pph sportsbook, the customers will regularly use your software to place their preferred wagers. However, many people are not marketing their services in a way that will ensure that they place more bets with you. There are a few different ways that have proved very popular to increase player engagement. In this post we tell you the proven methods that we have taught people to use in order to hugely increase their profit margins.

  1. Group Your Customers By Their Preferred Sports

When you use our pay per head software you will be able to see the activity from all your clients. One of this recommendations is to group your players by their preferred sports. So, for instance if one player regularly bets on soccer games then add them to an email list for soccer. If they prefer to place bets on basketball then add them to a list for basketball.

  1. Every Week Email Each List With A Guide To Betting On The Individual Sports

You should make the time each and every week to send out a guide to the upcoming weeks sport. The things that should be included in this report would be “important” games which could be televised. In order to get this information to centre them simply look at the listings for ESPN, Fox sports, CBS sports, TNT and ABC for that week. The thing you need to remember is that the majority of people that place bets on sports would prefer to watch the game if the ability was there. Sometimes it may slip their mind that there is a game playing and by reminding them more often than not they will place a wager on that game.

  1. Use Our Messaging Facility To Send A Specific Message Directly To The Player

Premier Per Head Player Message FunctionOur software is complete with with its own private messaging system. This allows you to contact the player directly with reminders or ‘flash’ information. This is a great way for you to engage directly with your customers and entice them to get betting. It’s extremely simple for pph sportsbook agents to set up a message to get directly to the interested parties. With messaging you want to keep your players engaged with your software, but don’t go too heavy with the messages as you don’t want it to be annoying. You can of course give your players the option to turn off messages.

  1. Daily Reminders Of The Days Play

In addition to the weekly sports guide you should also send out a daily email of the days upcoming action. From our constant testing, we’ve seen that an email sent mid-afternoon, or 30 minutes before the play starts have the most the most placed bets. The emails have an amazing click-through rate on people placing wagers. They’re well worth the short amount of time that it takes to write them. Of course, the bigger your customer list, the more of a financial impact this easy tactic will have.

  1. Create Multi Bet Or Cross Sport Parlays With Higher Odds

Last but not least, this is one of the most popular methods for getting more from your customers. They love the opportunity to win more through a parlay bet. Sometimes, even if the chances of actually winning the parlay bet are considerably lower than a straight bet. When you offer your parlays though, you need to pick the games wisely. Pick the games which take longer to handicap and when you are offering cross sports parlays you need to offer attractive odds in order for them to interact.