You Need An Ace Line Mover To Become More Efficient In Bookie Business

What would be the sense if a bookie agent decides to use only 30% of all the available pay per head tools? As you well know, that would not only be detrimental to the business but also can be likened to walking on the slippery ground, which in the end will lead to a complete fall.

Learn Why You Need An Ace Line Mover

But if you intend to become a master bookie agent, it is not a negotiation whether or not you need a pay per head software. It is a must for you to have the most reputable pay per head bookie software the world has ever had.
You Need An Ace Line Mover To Become More Efficient In Bookie Business

But it is an important thing when you ask, why you need pay per head software. Here is the reason: There is absolutely no way you will access a line mover unless you are signed up with PPH software.

As you well know, the bookie business just like any other business in the service industry is a bit tricky. It is tricky in a sense that a bookie gets only a small percentage of all the money that comes on board. That is why you need to maximize on whatever opportunity that presents itself. Here is an illustration:

As a pay per head agent, you make money by providing a service. Pro players and casual players provide action to an agent’s business by, usually, betting on one side of a spread in a spread betting game. online bookies take the fee, which is often 10% of the money wagered, for accepting the wager. You see, ten percent is such a small figure. But because we might be talking about 10% of $10,000, it might make sense.

However, it has never gone to that far unless in a rare case. Nonetheless, when the 10% accumulates, it can help carter for some bills.

That is the reason why you need to maximize on any available chance of making real money thus becoming a master agent.

Because it is usually a disaster to refund money because nobody lost, it is important to have a line mover. Here is how it can help you become a master agent.

It will allow you to prevent any possible refunds. How? Simply put, you only need to add and subtract a half a point, making it very difficult for a spread to land right on the number.

Here is an illustration:

Oakland +2.5
Tennessee -2.5

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