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Pay Per Head Casino

One of the really pleasurable things about operating a sports betting business through the facilities of  one of our providers  is the fact that you can offer any number of different products to your customers. Of course, there is the world-class sports book, with up-to-date odds and all kinds of options for your patrons to […] Read More

Live In-Game Betting

Live In-Game Betting with Your Pay Per Head Service  Avid sports bettors are always looking for new ways to generate action and one of the best ways to build your current bookmaking business is through expanded access to live in-game betting. There is no better way to add excitement to the games then having the […] Read More

Where Can I Find the Top Pay Pay Head Sportsbooks Solutions for 2016 NBA Betting?

Football is a very busy time of the year for independent sports bookmakers, but the best of the best in the highly competitive Internet sports betting industry already know that you need a solid business plan on a year-round basis to be successful over the long haul. Many of these top private bookies also know […] Read More

The key to your Pay Per Head business.

In part one of this article series, they got to the root of the most important thing you need to make it as a bookmaker. Now that they have established that it is losing players that pay, they need to know how to get them. Unfortunately, it is not fast or easy. Pay Per Head agents have […] Read More

Pay Per Head Service Providers

Our PPH service providers , At this point, all sharp people who are in the business of accepting sports wagers “privately” are aware that the model of “pay per head” (or PPH) has arrived as the smartest way to go. Those who haven’t made the move yet, or who have done so but may not […] Read More

Online Gambling

The sports betting business continues to explode and this year is shaping-up to be the biggest ever. The popularity of betting on just about anything continues to grow and when it comes to betting on sports, the opportunity to cash-in on this financial boon has never been better for an independent sports bookmaking agent. Online […] Read More

How I Can Start My Own White Label Mobile Sportsbook, Casino, & Racebook?

The sports betting industry is booming with the money spent on online gambling at an all-time high. Despite the fact that there are more than enough offshore sportsbooks handling Internet sports betting, today’s sophisticated US player is still looking for the personalized service an independent sports bookmaker can bring to the table with the help […] Read More

Online Bookie Software with Real Solutions for Real Bookmaking Agents

Whether you are just starting out as an independent sports bookmaker or you are a seasoned veteran in the Internet sports betting industry, you already know just how important it is to have the right sportsbook software solutions when it comes to running and managing your own sportsbook, racebook and white label casino. That is why it […] Read More

Pay Per Head Makes Managing Your Business EASY

Why would anyone micro-manage their sports betting business? Well, they might do it in order to have as much control as they possibly can over their enterprise, whether it is large or small. And there is certainly nothing wrong with micro-management, because there is an attention to detail that can go toward making any business successful. […] Read More

Do Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions Get Information on Players?

Anonymity and discretion are two very important concepts when it comes to the relationship between an independent sports bookmaker and their Pay Per Head site. There is quite a bit of online information that is processed through many of the day-to-day transactions that are common in booking sports bets, but you need a price per head site […] Read More