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Where Can I Rent Custom Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software?

One of the best things about being an independent sports bookmaker is that you run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and white label casino with relatively low start-up costs. By renting custom Internet sports betting software through a Pay Per Head site, you can take your players online for one low weekly price per […] Read More

Where can I Discover the Best Sportsbooks Solutions for 2016 College Basketball Betting?

A new season of college football is just underway, but it is not too early to start formulating your business and marketing plan for another season of college basketball as an independent sports bookmaker working with a Pay Per Head site. The independent bookmaking agents at our PPH service providers already know that they are […] Read More

Are There Any Free Price Per Head Online Bookie Software Solutions?

They say that there is no such thing in life as a free lunch, but when it comes to one of our great PPH providers  and the right online bookie software solutions there is a way that you can get a free sampling of everything they offer to help you run and manage your own […] Read More

What are the Betting Odds for Donald Trump to Beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election?

It is a presidential election year and the current race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could go right down to the wire. As an independent sports bookmaker working with a Pay Per Head site you may not even have a horse in this race, but you do have a vested interest in it from a money-making […] Read More

Where Can I Find the Best Free Pay Per Head Sportsbook Solution Services?

Nothing in life is truly free when it comes to quality Pay Per Head sportsbook software solutions but today’s savvy independent sports bookmakers know a great deal when they find one. Our PPH service providers free-trail offer of their Internet sports betting software is a great way to test the waters in you are looking […] Read More

Top 2016 NCAA College Football Week 5 Pay Per Head Betting Parlay Picks

College football season is one of the busiest times of the year for an independent sports bookmaker, but if you do not have the right sportsbook software solutions to help you run and manage your own sportsbook, you are probably leaving quite a bit of money on the table.1-Pay Per Head Sportsbook Management Solutions Fortunately, […] Read More

Discover the Most Comprehensive Per Head Sportsbook Services

Sports bookmaking is big business these days with the tremendous growth of the Internet sports betting industry and this, in turn, has opened the door to a lucrative business opportunity for private bookies. One of the first steps to becoming an independent sports bookmaker is to find a quality Pay Per Head site to help process all […] Read More

Pay Per Head Services Without the Big Price Tag

Growing a customer base and adding new business is one of the most important aspects of any successful company, but controlling costs is an equally important part of the equation. Independent sports bookmakers have been relying on Our PPH service providers to handle the day-to-day administrative end of things for the past 15 years because […] Read More

Bookie Software Management Made Easy

A sports betting Pay Per Head service is only as good as the software it utilizes to support its operating system. This sounds simple enough on paper, but things can get a bit complicated when you have to actually start running your sport bookmaking business on a daily basis with the help of your price per head software […] Read More

How Pay Per Head Sportsbooks are Changing Mobile Gambling

It was not all that long ago when the majority of sports bets where recorded by pen on a tablet of paper. Those days are long gone as the level of sophistication in today’s sports betting world has been taken things to a whole new level. At the forefront of this tremendous revolution in the […] Read More