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  • Premier Per Head is a leader in the Sportsbook Pay Per Head industry because of their attention to details.

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Pay Per Head’s White Label Bookmaking Solutions

If you are an independent sport bookmaker that is looking to get the most out of the per head fees you pay for an outside Pay Per Head service, then Premier Per Head is the company for you. For close to 15 years they have established themselves as leaders in the PPH industry for their ability to […] Read More

The key to your Pay Per Head business

Ask people involved in the sports betting business, and most likely they will give you each a different answer about how to make the most money as a bookmaker. Some of them will say that moving your own lines is the key. Others will say that the limits and wagering options you give your pay per head […] Read More

Pay Per Head’s Customized Local Bookie Business Solutions

As an independent sports bookmaker working with an outside Pay Per Head service, are you absolutely sure that you are getting the most out of the per head fees you are paying? If there is any shadow of a doubt that you are not getting everything you need to be successful in the sports bookmaking […] Read More

A Pay Per Head Makes You Money All Year Round

In the fall it is football and when spring rolls around college basketball takes center stage. While there is no doubt that these two times of the year are the busiest for independent sports bookmakers, when you haveour providers on board as your sportsbook management solutions expert you can keep the streams of revenue running […] Read More

Expand Your Business with A Pay Per Head

If you are an independent sports bookmaker and your goal is to build a long-term profitable business out of your venture, then it is vital that you develop multiple streams of revenue especially during the slower times of the sports calendar. A good place to start is working with a quality Pay Per Head Sportsbook technology […] Read More

Mistakes Local Bookies Can Avoid

No one ever said it was easy to be an independent sports bookmaker in a highly competitive business environment that contains more than its fair share of big online sportsbooks. Fortunately, when you sign-on with one of our great PPH service providers , you are gaining a true business partner that has a vested interest […] Read More

Where Can I Find Simple, Secure and Cloud-Based Turnkey Pay Per Head Sportsbook Solutions?

If you are an independent sports bookmaker trying to grow your customer base and build your company’s bottom line, you do need to find the right Pay Per Head sportsbook software solutions to help you manage your own sportsbook operation. While there are a number of different options to turn to when it comes to price per […] Read More

What Makes the Best Sports Gambling Software Solutions for Bookmakers?

Running a successful independent sports bookmaking operation can be a tall task for anyone if they do not have the necessary sportsbook software solutions in place to handle all the day-to-day transactions that goes into running a business of this nature. Trying to accomplish this on your own is far too costly so that is why choosing […] Read More

In the Pay Per Head Industry You Get What You Pay For

The tremendous growth of the sports betting industry over the past several years has led to a proliferation of Pay Per Head services that claim they can expertly handle the crucial administrative tasks that make up a big part of the day-to-day operation of your independent bookmaking business. Before you decide to shop for a PPH service […] Read More