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Pay Per Head’s Sharp Monitoring gives you the Edge

Being an independent sports bookmaker can be a very lucrative business proposition as long as you know how to limit your negative exposure while enhancing a positive return on all the action coming in. Your average Pay Per Head Service may be able to handle much of the administrative side of your bookmaking business, but will they […] Read More

Pay Per Head’s Call Center keeps you Connected

Pay Per Head’s Call Center keeps you Connected, Anyone who is serious about running a successful sports bookmaking business understands the vital role that a Pay Per Head service plays in your day-to-day operations. What many bookmaking agents do not always realize is just how important it is to have the right PPH service working […] Read More

Pay Per Head’s Customer Service you can Count On

Pay Per Head’s Customer Service you can Count On, The best customer service team in the world is of no use to anyone if someone cannot access it when they actually need their help. This is especially true in the sports betting world of Pay Per Head services. The recent explosion in the popularity of betting on […] Read More

Why Pay Per Head makes sense

It’s 2015, do you know there are still guys out there taking sports action over phone, text and email? Hard to believe to say the least. But the reason is because a lot of local bookies don’t know the benefits of bringing their players online. First, let’s look at what goes into being a bookmaker […] Read More

Pay Per Head Give You the Jump-Start You Need

Pay Per Head Gives You the Jump-Start You Need, Starting any new business is a daunting task and even when you finally do get things off the ground it can be very challenging to develop steady cash flow and a consistent stream of profitable revenue. Sometimes your business may need a jump-start to take things […] Read More

Pay Per Head’s Easy Payment Options

When you sign-on with one of our great service providers as the Pay Per Head Sportsbook service for your independent sports bookmaking business, you get the whole package starting with a first-class call center and state-of-the-art sports betting software for one low $10 per head fee. For the past 14 years as a leader in the PPH […] Read More

The Right Pay Per Head Get You Started in the Right Direction

If you are just starting out as a sports bookmaking agent or thinking about getting into the sports betting industry as an independent bookmaker, you first primary concern is finding a Pay Per Head service that can help you run and grow your business. Fortunately for you the search can begin and end with one of our […] Read More

Per Head Business Solutions for Every Day of the Year

If you are serious about building and growing an independent sports bookmaking business, then you need a Pay Per Head service that is serious about your long-term success as well. If they do not see themselves as your partner in the sports betting industry, then it is time to get on board with one of our great […] Read More