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  • Premier Per Head is a leader in the Sportsbook Pay Per Head industry because of their attention to details.

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Pay Per Head makes Customer Service The Top Priority

Our great PPH providers, they honestly believe that they are only as good as the people that work for us. The Pay Per Head industry is customer driven and over the past 14 years they have committed both a substantial amount of time and money to training and developing a call center staff that is second to […] Read More

Take Advantage of Free Two-Week Trial

One of the most important decisions you will have to make as an independent sports bookmaker is which Pay Per Head service you will use to handle the day-to-day administrative tasks that are vital to the smooth operation of your business. While there are any number of options when it comes to a PPH service, keep in […] Read More

The best pay per head service

Our providers they like to think that they are there to answer a customer service inquiry faster than anyone else. That has to be an essential to how they do business, because they know that when YOU are the customer, YOU are looking for service. And when they say “service,” that means they pay attention […] Read More

Pay Per Heads Keeps You in the Game

One of an independent sports bookmaker’s biggest headaches is downtime with their Pay Per Head service. If your customers lose the ability to access your bookmaking site, there is a very good chance they will go somewhere else to place their bets. Any kind of downtime not only hurts profits in the short term, they also have […] Read More

Live Sports Betting Your Price Per Head Site

One of the biggest advances in the pay per head online sportsbook industry over the past few years has been the ability to bet on contests after they have begun through a series of live line moves that constantly update themselves as the action wears on. While this type of betting might not appeal to your entire […] Read More

Pay Per Head offers Customer Service that Cannot be Beat

The cornerstone of any business is quality customer service and when it comes to being a successful independent sports bookmaker it is your main point of difference when it comes to competing with the big online sportsbooks in the industry. When you partner with a Pay Per Head service to handle the various administrative tasks that go […] Read More

The Fastest and Sharpest Betting Odds in the Game

As an independent sports bookmaker your biggest competition is the large online sportsbooks that are always trying to attract sports bettors to their websites. While your main point of difference would be the personalized customer service you can provide as opposed to someone just being a face in the crowd with the big sportsbooks, it is […] Read More

Pay Per Head’s Betting Odds for the Biggest Games

Betting on sports is a year-round business, especially when your Pay Per Head service is on its game with access to any number of betting odds for sports all over the globe. For the past 14 years, Our trusted PPH servie providers have prided themselves on set out the fastest and sharpest betting lines in […] Read More

Pay Per Head’s Call Center Commitment

Time is money especially in the sports bookmaking industry. That is why it is vitally important that you align your business with a Pay Per Head service that completely understands the importance of running a trained and competent call center. All of our providers have gone to great lengths over the past 14 years to build and […] Read More

Live In-Game Betting for Baseball

Betting on baseball is a multi-million dollar industry in the United States and Canada alone and if you are not getting your fair share of action as an independent sports bookie, then you might want to take a closer look at the Pay Per Head service you are using to help run your business. Our […] Read More