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Welcome to Premier Per Head, the world’s most popular online Pay Per Head Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook and live Wagering Software Provider Directory. You’re probably here because you’re looking to either start your own sportsbook, upgrade from your current software provider, or find out more about what paying per head is all about. Well, you need look no further, you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know here. We have over 15 years of experience in the bookie business. Combined, we have 100+ years of experience in the bookie gambling industry dedicated to achieving real success for your online bookmaking ventures.

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Reviews of the top Pay Per Head Providers in the Industry of Sportsbook Software.
You’ll have the opportunity to find the best per head bookie software, and save a lot of time and effort because we help you choose the service that suits your business in the best way by reading our thoroughly researched pieces, on bookmaker solutions on various sportsbooks software.

What Is Pay Per Head?

A pay per head sportsbook, sometimes known as a PPH Sportsbook or Price Per Head, is a simple software solution that has enabled bookies everywhere to start their own online businesses without the need to spend thousands of dollars on building their own software solution.

The ultimate selling point here is that PPH enables a digital startup for every sportsbook business by having bookies pay just a small fee per active user. In short, it helps you, as an online sports bookie, worry less about running your business and more about growing it.

Essentially, you’ll be outsourcing the day-to-day business operations to highly professional and experienced experts, allowing you to focus on increasing your customer base and your profit margins.

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How Does Pay Per Head Work?

It works by the business owner (the bookmaker) paying the software provider a small fee per head for each active user. This ensures the bookie will only pay for people that are actively using the sportsbook software.

The best part about doing things this way is that everything can be scaled quickly and simply. Whether you have just a couple of customers, or a thousands. You’re only responsible for collecting payments, paying out winnings, and increasing your clientele base.

Most PPH Providers supply a white label turnkey solution, meaning online bookies can have their businesses running in minutes, all branded and ready to put in front of your customers. From there, you’ll never need to worry about the small things, again.

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Real Bookies
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Pay Per head
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Per Head
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Pelican PPH
Pelican PPH offer a larger selection of high end products to make your business a success.
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Free Demo - $13 per head
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Why Using Pay Per Head Services Makes Sense?

Because of the huge savings, you’ll make on software development and staffing costs, per head services make real sense for all bookmakers.

Digitizing your book would require at least thousands of dollars in down payments and tens of thousands per month in development and wage costs for customer services. In addition to those costs, you’ll also need to consistently update your software which is another ten thousand dollars per month.

PPH Sportsbook software enables you to work “for” your business rather than “in” your business. We take great pride in knowing that our services to you and your players, is nothing but the best.

Features Of Top PPH Software

PPH services let bookmakers offer wagers on all the major sports leagues around the world and numerous one-on-one sporting events like Golf, Mixed Martial Arts, and more. Sportsbooks, racebooks, casinos, and live casinos are also available. Here’s a look at a few features in PPH services:

Bye-bye mundane tasks and welcome 24/7 betting

Bookies don’t need a notebook and pen to write down bets. Nor do they need to communicate via their phones. They can get rid of the tedious work, share the website URL of their signed up per-head site with their clients, and engage in sports betting action 24/7. The bookie software offers a user-friendly and state of the art interface.


The bookmakers don’t need to download an app or a program on their computers. Nor do they need to engineer websites and code software from scratch. They can simply download a mobile app and start performing tasks by mere touches on the screen. The bettors can place their bets and bookies can manage their books on the go.

Real-time reporting and alerts

Pay per head sites let bookmakers view bets as they come in. They can enable sound notifications. If they are away, email/SMS alerts can also be set up in situations like players placing large wagers. Staying on top of the action becomes much easier. For players, the tool offers live scores. They can also chat securely over SSL with their bookies.

24/7 Support

If the players run into any issues with the software (IT or otherwise), call centers are available any time of the day, every day, for troubleshooting. Customer service reps free the bookmakers from communicating and dealing with the bettors. And if an older player prefers placing bets via phone wagering, the option is available to them.

Custom website

If a bookmaker wants to get the branding on point and fit their clients’ needs, then some PPH services offer personal domains to bookies and take care of the technical setup (by letting the bookmakers white-label their software). Generally, the branded website is offered in a premium scaled-up package.

And even more tools…

Bookmakers solely need to take care of the odds and manage risks for ensuring profit. Pay per head services offer reporting features and assist with managing the risk of individual players. See how these companies are committed to helping bookmakers with their operational procedures?

The business opportunity in the PPH industry

By charging a relatively inexpensive fee per head from bookies, how much annual revenue can these software companies rake in? Well, price per head websites are ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) organizations. You can think of it as a Netflix subscription for bookies.

Just like a Netflix user can’t enjoy their favorite shows and movies without paying Netflix every month, bookies can’t relish the services and conveniences of PPH sites unless they keep paying for the active bettors. Except, bookies can’t share passwords like Netflix accounts because of sensitive data being involved.

It means the customers — in this case, bookies — present a long-term recurring revenue opportunity for per head websites. A SaaS business can operate at an overall gross margin as high as 73%! They just need to provide high-quality customer service and focus on retaining customers from switching to their competitors.

That’s what per head websites try to offer with call centers and premium features, so that bookies get addicted to the luxuries and stick around for years. With that said, here are some numbers to put things in perspective:

In the US alone, betting on sports games is a $150 billion industry.
And the global online gambling industry is valued at USD 59.6 billion in 2020. Also, it’s expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027.

Further Google Trends data shows that the interest in the search term “pay per head” has substantially increased in the last decade — there has even been a huge uptick in search demand since 2016 (with a possible contribution from improvement in data collection systems since January 2016, by Google).

Per head companies can afford dedicated call centers that take calls from bettors for troubleshooting their problems. Here’s a picture of the customer support at a Costa Rica based company, PerHead, which has been operating since 1997.

Though not the most reliable, a couple of per head companies claim to employ 51-200 people on LinkedIn. It’s no small feat to expand to that size and goes to show how some of the best pay per head service providers are operating like large businesses.

About a couple of years ago, the eSports industry was reportedly worth $900M. Even with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and with sporting events being shut down worldwide, the betting world hasn’t closed it drapes.

As reported by the sports betting software company EveryMatrix CEO to Wired, the betting volume for regular sports events has dropped by 80%! But they have quickly adapted to esports: in under a month, the volume of dollars incoming on esports went up by a factor of 10.

Hold on…Is Pay Per Head even legal?

Pay per head is in the grey area. With the exception of the UK, where it was legalized in May 1961, the bookmaking business is generally illegal (or least regulated). So what about the PPH industry? Well these websites only offer convenience and organize the efforts of gambling — the players can record their bets in the software, and bookmakers can create a register. Don’t confuse them with the traditional online sportsbooks. As there is no handling of the betting money directly by PPH sites, their operation is legal. There’s little danger of these facilitating services getting cracked down, leading to bettors losing money.

Live The Bookie Dream

If you’ve ever dreamt of launching an offshore sportsbook, then PPH services offer a convenient and risk-free trial for experimenting with that idea. Becoming a bookmaker is possible from the comfort of your home (without any upfront costs). Just ensure that sports betting is legal in your locality before starting up. Although streamlined, bookies need to build skills, manage their books well, and keep getting new business — after all, a bookie makes 5% to 10% of the actual bets that they take.

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