Price Per Head Services

Price Per Head Services

The extended college bowl season has taken on a life of its own when it comes to betting on the games with 41 matchups on the slate from late-December to the National Championship Game in mid-January. This stretch of games offers a perfect opportunity for independent sports bookmakers to create an additional revenue stream on all the action coming in if they have the right Price Per Head service on their side.

Premier Price Per Head Services has you Covered for College Bowl Season

For close to 15 years Premier Pay Per Head has been helping sports bookmakers just like yourself build and grow their independent sports betting ventures into lucrative long-term profitable businesses. Many of these businesses are thriving with the ever-growing popularity of wagering on sports, especially among American sports bettors.

Best Pay Per Head Online Sportsbooks Software Solution

Over this time, Premier has gone the extra mile in the PPH service industry by making the necessary investments to level the playing field for independent sports bookmakers with the big online sportsbooks that tend to dominate the landscape of the sports betting industry today. We can help you carve-out a nice piece of the action with the proper PPH sportsbook management solutions that are designed to help build and grow both your customer base and your bottom line.

Football will always be a big piece of the action when it comes to booking sports bets, but Premier can bring you betting lines both fast and sharp for a wide variety of sporting events. We can also help you set-up an extended racebook for horse racing and an online casino as additional streams of revenue that keep the cash flow positive and the profits coming in even when the sports action starts to slow down.

One of the biggest and fastest growing trends in sports betting over the past few years has been live in-game wagers. The action comes in fast and furious once the games begin and you can capitalize on all of these additional betting opportunities with live in-game lines for every game, every day of the year.

Price Per Head Services

As a bookmaking agent with Premier, you will always have the opportunity to move your own lines and change your offerings based on your particular business needs. You will also be able to monitor all of your customer’s betting activity through the back-end of our sports betting software. The best thing of all is that this is all included in the one low weekly per-head fee you pay for just your active betting customers.